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3-minute Know Me Icebreaker Template

Participants will get to know each other in three-person breakouts thanks to a series of rapid-fire questions. This icebreaker is ideal for groups that don’t know each other (yet)!

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What is the 3-minute know me icebreaker?

This icebreaker is meant to introduce people to each other extremely quickly, while getting everyone’s energy levels up.

In this icebreaker, you’ll break participants into breakout groups of three. Once they land in the breakout, they’ll have one minute each to answer every icebreaker question in the flashcard deck as quickly as they can.

While one person answers, another person will watch the clock, while the third person listens actively. After one minute, they’ll rotate roles.

Not only does this help break the ice for people who are just meeting for the first time, it also gives them the chance to wear different hats during the activity, preparing them for what’s to come in a larger workshop.

Example prompts include:

  • My friends would say my superpower is…
  • After work, the first thing I want do when I get home is…
  • I tend to roll my eyes at someone that…

How to run this icebreaker

  1. Share the following instructions: "In groups of three, you will have 3 minutes to respond to a series of prompts that you'll find on the flashcards in your breakout rooms—1 minute per person. Use the arrows to flip through all the questions in the deck. You have to respond as quickly as possible. This is a race to get through all the questions as a group."
  2. Make sure the participants in each group adopt these roles: One person answers, another person pays attention to the timer, and the third person just observes. Then switch roles.
  3. Open the 3-person breakout rooms for 3 minutes. The flashcards with the prompts are already in the room.

Credit: I learned this activity from Louie Montoya from d.School

About the creator

Stefy Bolaños is a Product Developer and Learning Experience Designer at p1440. She’s passionate about writing, entrepreneurship, and economics. Stefy has published three children's books that are sold in Latin America, and she currently teaches economics courses at Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala.


1-10 mins


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