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All-Hands Meeting Agenda Template

All hands on deck! Run this company all-hands meeting to cover business updates, celebrate wins together, give each team the spotlight, and leave plenty of time for Q&A.

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What is a company all-hands meeting?

A company all-hands meeting brings everyone together to share updates, milestones, and create dialogue between your company’s leadership and employees.

You might call these townhalls, or quarterlies, or whatever

A great all-hands meeting gives leaders the floor to provide key updates to the entire organization at once, but it also passes the mic to everyone else—giving them a chance to ask burning questions or share what’s on their mind.

Objectives of an all-hands meeting

All-hands meeting let you:

  • Connect regularly as a team
  • Keep everyone up to date
  • Celebrating wins and milestones
  • Shout out team members and new joiners
  • Create a dialogue between departments
  • Give space for open-ended Q&A
  • Provide important reminders
  • Create a culture of transparency in your organization

By using this all-hands meeting agenda template, you can run buttery-smooth virtual meetings for your company.

How to use this all-hands meeting template

Here’s what’s included in this agenda template:

1. Welcome 🥳

Time: 5 minutes

Tools: Music Playlist

Welcome everyone and wait for a couple for minutes for everyone to join, while music plays in the background

2. Business updates 💰

Time: 5 minutes

Update on metrics, strategy, team changes, etc

3. Wins, celebrations, and shout outs 🥳

Time: 10 minutes

Take time to share:

  • Any milestones achieved
  • Positive results
  • Good news
  • Celebrations (e.g., birthdays, new joiners, promotions, anniversaries, product or marketing launches)

Make it personal and special: spotlight the people and enable the soundboard for everyone to shower them in sounds and emojis.

4. Team/Project Spotlight ⚡️

Time: 20 minutes

Short presentations from different departments or project teams on new company-wide relevant projects, upcoming product features, or insights/results.

Tip: Use Spotlight or Panel mode to highlight the team that's presenting.

5. Q&A 🔍

Time: 15 minutes

Tools: Poll

Open the anonymous open-ended poll and invite everyone to ask questions.

Answer as many you can during the allocated 15 minutes, and make sure to answer the remaining ones async in your usual company update communication channel (email, Slack, etc).

6. Reminders 🔔

Time: 5 minutes

Close with any upcoming initiatives that require attention or action from the audience (e.g., employee engagement survey deadline, upcoming campaign launch, etc.).

About the creator

Anamaria Dorgo is the Head of Community at Butter. Her mission is to create a space where facilitators, workshoppers, trainers, design thinkers, and innovation and strategy consultants can team up, share best practices, tackle challenges collectively, and accelerate their careers together with like-minded people. 🙌


30-60 mins

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