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Desert Island Team Retreat Icebreaker Template

A fun way to break the ice at the beginning of a session by imagining we’re all stranded on a desert island.

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What is the Desert Island Team Retreat icebreaker? 🏝

This fun icebreaker uses music, flashcards, and polls to invite participants to answer a few desert-island questions, including:

  • Their favorite desert-island movies
  • Who they’d least like to be stuck with on a desert island
  • Who they’d most like to be stuck with
  • What one album they would bring with them

The icebreaker is backed by peaceful island sounds, so it’s a great way to set a relaxed, inviting tone at the start of any session.

How it works

This is a set of questions and interactive flashcards you can use at the beginning of a session to break the ice.

  1. Start by creating the mood by playing the Island Sounds music playlist.
  2. Then use the flashcard deck to prompt the team to talk about desert-island movies. "Which of these old movies do you prefer?"
  3. Then, continue with "Do you recall any other desert island movies or series?"
  4. Every Desert Island movie has challenges. Sometimes, these challenges are the stranded people themselves (remember "Lost" anyone?). Open the first poll and ask: "Tell me about someone you wouldn't want to be stranded with on a deserted island and why."
  5. Open the second poll: "Now tell me your dream partner for a Castaway experience and why."
  6. As the answers come in, read some of them out loud.
  7. To wrap up, open the third poll and ask the group "If you could bring one music album to the island, which one would you bring?"

About the creator

With a focus on Information Architecture and Design Research, Daniel Souza from Farfetch has spent the last 20 years designing services, experiences, and complex software while empowering product and creative teams to deliver user-centered design projects.


11-30 mins


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