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Dress Up Icebreaker Template

Use this as an icebreaker or check-in activity to get participants' creative juices flowing and to create a fun atmosphere. Participants are invited to ‘dress’ themselves on a whiteboard and present their outfits to the rest of the group.

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What is the Dress Up icebreaker? 👗

In this icebreaker, participants are invited to draw outfits on a picture of themselves in a virtual whiteboard (e.g. Miro, MURAL, etc.).

It’s a great way to get people’s creative juices flowing, get people feeling lose, and to create a fun atmosphere!

Your final product should look like this!

How to run this icebreaker


Create a Miro/MURAL/Whiteboard with participants' headshots and a drawn body to dress up.

Start with a canvas like this.


  • 1 minute for the explanation
  • 5 minutes for participants to work on the whiteboard
  • 1-2 minutes per person to present. If you have a big group, use breakouts to present. Don't forget to add the whiteboard to the breakouts as a tool!

Instructions to participants

  1. Find yourself on the board.
  2. Take a moment to reflect on your mood/feelings today. Let your outfit reflect it. Use the pencil tool to draw your fancy dress clothes, hat, and any other accessories you'd like to add. You'll have 5 minutes for this.
  3. Once finished, everyone will take one minute to present their outfit to the group. (If you are using breakouts: Once done, we'll break into groups of three, and everyone will share their outfit with the group.)

About the creator

Jing Foon Yu designs and facilitates Design Sprints for a more diverse, equal, and inclusive world. In a world where differences between people seem bigger than ever, Jing helps people understand each other. For many years, she worked as a designer in the financial and commercial industry. Since December 2017, Jin has run her one-woman company, Jingeling.


11-30 mins


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