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Flower Petal Icebreaker Template

A great exercise for building trust and psychological safety in a team. Team members have the chance to learn about each other through storytelling, deep listening and appreciation.

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What is the Flower Petal icebreaker? 🌸

In this icebreaker, each participant will have 10 minutes to draw a flower on a piece of paper, with each petal representing an element that shaped the person drawing it. The petals represent the answers to the question, "What made you who you are today?"

Each person can have as many petals as they want (we recommend at least 6).

Here are some examples of potential petals:

  • Family: I am an older sister, I am a mother, etc.
  • Significant experiences: I lived in New Zealand, I worked as a facilitator in a big corporate org, etc.
  • Significant people: my mother, former manager, etc.

How to run this activity

Before the session, design a whiteboard (Miro, MURAL) for this activity. You'll need to pre-design a flower with several petals for each participant. Or, before the session, ask everyone to bring a pen and paper.

  1. Start by describing the activity. Participants will have 10 min. to draw a flower on a piece of paper, with each petal representing an element that shaped the person drawing it. The petals represent the answers to the question: "What made you who you are today?" Use the 10 minutes timer to keep track of time.
  2. When everyone is done drawing, start by sharing your flower with the group and invite a volunteer to continue. Everyone else's task is to listen deeply to what is being shared.
  3. The first person sharing will name the next person to continue.
  4. The second person, before they share their story, will need to reflect back on what they heard in an appreciative way by saying thank you and continuing with I heard... I noticed... I appreciated... it made me feel... Then, they will share their own flower before nominating the next participant to reflect and share their flower.
  5. Continue going around the "circle" with every participant sharing whatever part of the flower they want to share until everyone has shared.
  6. As a facilitator, you will reflect back on the story shared by the last person, and then thank everyone for sharing.

Tips for success

  • If you are short on time, assign the flower design step as pre-work and focus on the sharing during the session.
  • Spotlight each participant that shares, one at a time.
  • Facilitate the sharing round in a way that creates safety. Remind everyone they choose how much they will disclose. No one needs to cover all flowers if they do not want to.

About the creator

Ola’s passion for learning and curiosity about the future of work inspired her to leave the corporate world after a decade spent in diverse HR roles. She enjoys working with organizations and teams to help facilitate cultural shifts. She combines her corporate and startup experience with Agile HR and coaching skills.

Ola is the co-founder of a platform for active learning and learning formats,, and one of the co-founders of Shake Up The Workplace.


11-30 mins

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