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Fortunately, Unfortunately Energizer Template

Get your participants primed to think outside of the box with this improv-inspired energizer.

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What is the Fortunately, Unfortunately energizer? 😅

This is a great energizer inspired by a classic improv exercise.

For this energizer, you’ll split participant into breakout groups and they’ll have to take turns telling a story, starting each line with either “fortunately” or “unfortunately”.

How it works

Create groups of 3-4. If participants don't know each other, allow time for a short introduction.

In breakouts, the group proceeds to tell a story, with each person saying one sentence at a time.

Here’s the catch: each sentence must start with either “fortunately” or “unfortunately,” always alternating between them.

Once everyone is back in the main room, harvest the most fun or creative stories before moving on.

About the creator

Anamaria Dorgo is the Head of Community at Butter. Her mission is to create a space where facilitators, workshoppers, trainers, design thinkers, and innovation and strategy consultants can team up, share best practices, tackle challenges collectively, and accelerate their careers together with like-minded people. 🙌


1-10 mins

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