Four Quadrants Icebreaker Template

This is great for getting a bit creative and approaching potentially serious topics in a more lighthearted way!

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What is the Four Quadrants icebreaker?

Designed by AJ&Smart, the Four Quadrants icebreaker asks participants to draw the answers to four questions using four quadrants of a Miro board.

It’s a great way to spark creativity and get people thinking about the topic you’re about to discuss.

How it works

  1. Give each participant a space in this Miro board template (you can duplicate it to your account here!).
  2. Ask four questions. Each participant will draw their answer in each of the quadrants, using one quadrant per question. Give them 1 min to draw each question.
  3. You can also put each question in the chat and pin it so everyone remembers.
  4. At the end, participants will present and discuss what they’ve drawn. Make sure to invite participants one at a time, and respect if someone does not want to share out loud.

About the creator

AJ&Smart is an award-winning product design, strategy, and innovation studio with particular expertise in using Design Sprints to help our partners with product design, product strategy, and rapid innovation.


1-10 mins

Tools used


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