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Improv Story Time Icebreaker Template

In this icebreaker activity, you’ll roll virtual story dice, which will randomly generate five images. You’ll then invite one participant at a time to tell a story based on the images on the five dice.

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What is the Improv Story Time icebreaker? 📖

This is a great activity to break the ice, get the creative juices flowing, and warm up before a brainstorming session or workshop.

In this activity, you’ll roll these virtual story dice, randomly generating five images. You’ll invite one participant at a time to tell a story based on the pictures on the five dice.

You can either run this activity in a large group or in smaller breakouts to give more people a chance to speak in a shorter period.

Here’s a sample of the dice:

Access the dice here.

How it works

For this activity, start by screensharing these virtual story dice.

  1. Explain to the group that you'll share your screen and use the virtual story dice to generate five images randomly. Their job is quite simple: turn these image prompts into a story in under one minute.
  2. "You can either work with the order they will appear on the screen or do some swapsies if you find it easier."
  3. "You don’t need to take the image literally. You can use the dice metaphorically or as representations of other concepts. For example, a slice of pizza could represent food in general, cutting a slice out of something, Italy, or a chef. The job of the dice is not to provide you with literal objects to work with, but to nudge your thinking in new directions."
  4. Each storyteller will have one minute to tell their story, and you'll use the timer for that.
  5. Ask for a volunteer to start, and ask them to “pass the dice" to the next person.

Pro tip: If the group is big, use smaller breakouts and share the link to the virtual story dice in the chat.

About the creator

Florian Hameister is an expert in the field of online workshops. With his hands-on approach, he helps companies to be innovative again. He has been a certified FORTH Innovation facilitator since 2016.


1-10 mins

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