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Lip-Sync My Story Icebreaker Template

This theatrical story-sharing activity helps people share true stories about themselves in a joyful way, by lip-syncing a partner’s story while the other partner acts it out on mute.

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What is the Lip-Sync My Story icebreaker?

In the Lip-Sync My Story icebreaker, participants will be paired into breakout groups of two. Each participant will tell a story while their partner memorizes it.

When they come back to the main group, each partner will tell their partner’s story, while their partner lip syncs and mimes the story while on mute.

This activity is a great way for people to learn about each other while sharing a laugh.

How to run this icebreaker

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to nail this super-fun icebreaker:

Before starting

Ask everyone to come prepared with a true story. It’s best if the story serves the purpose of the project. For example, it can be about a clumsy moment or a profound emotion. Most crucially, the story should be a specific memory and not a generalized approach to life.

1. Story staring intro

Tell everyone they’ll be sharing their stories in breakout rooms, in pairs. Each person has 4 minutes to share their story while the other person listens intently and takes notes.

When they come back from the breakouts, they should know the story of the other person well enough to tell it by heart.

2. Breakouts

Open paired breakouts for 8 minutes and have participants swap stories.

Tip: As a facilitator, you can broadcast a message to all rooms when it's time to switch.

3. Lip-sync intro

When they come back, explain that each pair will share their stories. The person whose story is being shared will be in the spotlight. Everybody will see only that person, who will be on mute.

That person's breakout partner will then tell that person's story as if it is their own story, using "I" pronouns.

The person in the spotlight will lip-sync the story as if they’re speaking. Make it fun by adding gestures, postures, and mimings.

Tell people to embellish the stories as physically as possible. This will help activate their emotions further by making connections between the body and the story.

4. Lip-syncing

Give people time to adjust and get prepared. Listen to the story and fill the room with reactions. Clap and celebrate at the end of every story.

Note: If you’re short on time, or with a large group, you can invite 2-3 pairs to volunteer to lip-sync their story.

5. Reflection

Ask people to share how they felt with an anonymous poll. Here, you can also invite anyone that would like to share out loud.

About the creator

Meir Benezra is a Play Wizard, a Holistic Design Facilitator, and the founder of Design Playing, which empowers pioneers to co-design the conscious new play together with curiosity, peace, love, and joy balanced in unity.

He has the utmost gratitude for working in Service Design, Socratic Design, and Interaction Design fields—facilitating Playshops for 10+ years.


11-30 mins


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