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Personal Collage Icebreaker Template

A picture says a thousand words. In this creative team-building activity, you will assemble collages that reflect your personality and what you do outside of work.

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What is the Personal Collage icebreaker? 🖼

In this activity, every participant makes a personal collage that represents who they are outside of work.

Sharing more about who we are and what we enjoy outside of the office helps build trust, encourages communication, and increases collaboration across teams.

How to run this icebreaker

  1. To prepare for this activity, collect a variety of digital visual assets for your participants to use for the collage. These can be images, shapes, icons, or emojis. One of our favorite tools is, which automatically removes the background from images.
  2. Prepare a Miro or MURAL board with all the assets, individual working areas, and examples. It should look something like this:
  1. Begin by taking 2 min. to explain that each person will make a personal collage that represents them and their interests outside of work.
  2. Set a 15-min. timer and play music while your participants create their collages. You can upload music in mp3 format to the timer beforehand. If you're pressed for time, you can have them prepare the collages in advance of the session as pre-work.
  3. Once completed, set another 2-min. timer with music for a Gallery Walk: a silent looking time for everyone to take in each other's work.
  4. Afterward, each participant has 1 min. to share their collage in the main room. If it's a large group, you can create breakouts with 3-4 participants and give them 10 min. to share. Don't forget to add the Miro board/MURAL to the breakouts beforehand.

About the creator

Hannah Baker is an artist, turned educator, turned founder of The Fountain Institute. Hannah’s mission is to empower designers to be sought after for how they think rather than what they produce.


30-60 mins


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