Pictionary Icebreaker Template

Get creatively sketchy with this fun drawing icebreaker! Since it’s a party game everyone’s familiar with, it’s a great way to get people feeling relaxed.

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What is the Pictionary icebreaker?

What is Pictionary!? Have you been living under a rock since 1985? 🤣

The Pictionary icebreaker is exactly what it sounds like: a few rounds of Pictionary using the Butter whiteboard to get your group warmed up.

How it works

  1. For each round of Pictionary, pick someone in the group to be the designated sketcher. Send them a Pictionary prompt (you can use this Pictionary generator) through direct message, and allocate 1 minute for them to draw the word on Whiteboard. You need to open up a Whiteboard directly from the toolbox each time.
  2. The group then has to guess the word based on the sketcher’s drawing. You can speed this part up and make it more fun by setting another timer.

About the creator

AJ&Smart is an award-winning product design, strategy and innovation studio with particular expertise in using Design Sprints to help our partners with product design, product strategy and rapid innovation.


1-10 mins


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