Pointless Questions Icebreaker Template

Ease the group into natural conversation and prime them for creative thinking by asking fun questions.

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What is the Pointless Questions icebreaker?

Designed by AJ&Smart, the Pointless Questions icebreaker is a flashcard deck of 20 questions to ease breakout groups into natural conversation and prime them for creative thinking.

How it works

  1. Open up the flashcards with icebreaker questions to help people get to know each other better, professionally and personally. These questions are easy and inclusive. You can create others of your own too, but make sure to keep it relevant, lighthearted and not too specific!
  2. Go around the room to take turns answering the questions.
  3. If the group is quite big, then use Breakouts Groups with random groups of three. The flashcards can also be accessed in each of the rooms!

About the creator

AJ&Smart is an award-winning product design, strategy and innovation studio with particular expertise in using Design Sprints to help our partners with product design, product strategy and rapid innovation.


1-10 mins


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