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Rant Orchestra Icebreaker Template

Give each participant a few seconds in the spotlight to vent, complain, and air their grievances about whatever's on their mind.

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What is the Rant Orchestra icebreaker? 🎻

Everyone has something to rant about, whether it's your loud upstairs neighbor, the state of global politics, or the fact that your printer never works when you need it to. These are the (usually) insignificant, off-topic things you might share around the coffee machine but don't seem to have a place in our remote workdays.

Until now!

The result of a rant-storm? Absolute catharsis. The air has been cleared, and everyone is more focused and present to begin the session. The Rant Orchestra never fails to transform negativity into a positive group bonding experience.

How to conduct the Rant Orchestra

The total duration of the exercise will depend on group size. You'll need around 15 minutes for a group smaller than 20 participants.

Give instructions

Take 3 min. to explain how the orchestra will perform:

  • "I am the conductor of the Rant Orchestra, and you are its talented members. In a minute, we will perform a symphony of our annoyances, and you'll each get a solo. Here's how it will work:"
  • "Everyone unmute themselves and wear headphones."
  • "Take a few seconds to think of something that is really annoying you TODAY."
  • "I'll call on each of you randomly for your solo. When I call on you, you get the spotlight to rant. Let 'er rip!"
  • "When I call the next name, stop your rant mid-word, and the next soloist begins immediately."

Performance begins

  • Start the music - Beethoven's 5th Symphony or another intense classical piece
  • Call on the first person to rant (15-20 sec. each; do it by feeling)
  • The facilitator makes orchestra conductor motions while each person does their solo
  • Call on the next person, and so on
  • When everyone has had their rant solo, the symphony's grande finale is everyone ranting at the same time until the conductor (you) motions for the piece to end
  • Applause sound effect! 👏

Optional reflection

  • What are you noticing after this experience?
  • How are you feeling now compared to when we started the session?

About the creator

Lily Higgins is a Learning Experience Designer and Founder of The Intervention Bureau.

Lily designs and facilitates game-changing workshops that elevate the way teams work, play, and learn. She brings her background in the arts together with expertise in applied play to create learning and team-building experiences that shake up business-as-usual.


11-30 mins

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