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Share Your Ideal Self Icebreaker Template

This is the perfect activity for a team that finds themselves at the beginning of a new project. Everyone shares a personal story that shines a light on their ideal self. It fosters connections and contributes to team cohesion.

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What is the Share Your Ideal Self icebreaker?

In this icebreaker, everyone draws a picture of their ideal selves. Then, you’ll do a round of sharing by uploading the pictures to a Miro board or MURAL.

This activity creates a sense of team cohesion by giving the group the chance to bond on a deeper level with one team member at a time.

Here's a sample of one person's ideal self drawing

How to run this icebreaker

  1. Invite participants to visualize their ideal, individual self and draw it on a sheet of paper. Your invitation can sound like, "What do you look like when you are really bringing forth the best of who you are? You may also use words to support the image. Perhaps it’s an image of you on top of a mountain being more confident and adventurous. It might even be an image of something completely different that represents you, like an animal that embodies part of who you are. You will have 15 minutes to complete your drawing.”
  2. Allow everyone to work in silence for 15 minutes and use the Music Player to play some deep work tunes.
  3. Once the time is up, ask everyone to take a picture of their drawing and share it on a Miro/ MURAL board.
  4. Each team member shares their ideal self one by one, taking no longer than 5 minutes per person.
  5. Before sharing, they can challenge the group to guess what this drawing was about with sticky notes.

About the creator

Rakesh Kasturi, Chief Experience Officer at Sprint Doctor, helps business leaders create a culture of collaboration and self-organization using agile methods like the Google Design Sprint.

Rakesh is an experienced workshop designer and trainer that has run countless workshops over the past 10 years for various audiences - from corporates, startups to government institutions and public organisations.


30-60 mins

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