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Community & Team Social Event Template

Use this template to run high-energy virtual team socials and community networking sessions—without the usual awkwardness!

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What is a virtual team social?

A virtual team social is a fun and loosely structured session focused on building connections within your team or community, with a focus on getting to know each other at a deeper level.

Objectives of a virtual team social

A team social allows you to:

  • Build deeper connections within a team by getting to know each other better
  • Build a safe space to be genuine and bring your whole self to the room
  • Hear everyone’s voice and enable open, genuine, and vulnerable conversation
  • Create a fun atmosphere where everyone loosens up

When should you run a community or team social

Socials are great for:

  • Gathering as a global or remote team
  • Running low- or zero-cost team events
  • Community networking
  • Fostering inclusive spaces

How to use this template

Here are the agenda blocks included in this template:

1. Welcome 🥳

Time: 5 minutes

Invite everyone to find a GIF that represents their mood today, and ask them to share it in the chat.

Invite a few people to share out loud with the Queue to get them familiar with the tool.

2. Bust a move! 💃

Time: 5 minutes

Tools: Music Playlist

Explain that you would like to use movement to lift up the energy in the room so that you can create a fun and relaxed atmosphere as a group.

Start the Music Playlist and start putting random participants on stage. The person in the spotlight needs to do a dance move. Everyone else in the room must follow their lead.

After a couple of seconds, add another participant and remove the first one. The moves need to be original and cannot be repeated.

Continue putting different people on stage for 2-3 minutes before thanking everyone with big applause from the soundboard (⌨️ shortcut R+3).

3. Short and sweet networking

Time: 25 minutes

Tools: Flashcard Decks

In small groups, you will take turns to answer different questions - have fun!

Run three breakouts for 5 minutes each. Each breakout has a 5-card flashcard deck with questions, or "this" and "that" affirmations. Example icebreaker questions include:

  • If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would the slogan be?
  • Mountains or beach?
  • Fill in the blanks: I'm lost in the middle of nowhere, and I'm feeling _____, so I think I will __
  • City or forest?
  • Top 3 things on my bucket list/resolution list for this year

For each round, people will be put with another group of 3-4. As discussions are progressing, so will the depth of the questions they will need to answer.

End with a sharing round of how the experience was.

4. Check-out

Time: 5 minutes

Tool: Poll

Using an open-ended poll, invite the participants to share something they liked, appreciated, or found inspiring in another person. If they want to, they can share their names, but it's not a must.

The poll is anonymous.

About the creator

Anamaria Dorgo is the Head of Community at Butter. Her mission is to create a space where facilitators, workshoppers, trainers, design thinkers, and innovation and strategy consultants can team up, share best practices, tackle challenges collectively, and accelerate their careers together with like-minded people. 🙌


30-60 mins


Team Building
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