Carlos Perez from Purple Sector

The Nic Cage-o-nator Icebreaker Flashcard

This silly, mood-lifting icebreaker asks people to report how they’re feeling today by stamping one of nine Nicolas Cage reactions.

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What is Nic Cage-o-nator icebreaker?

This silly icebreaker is a quick way to lighten the mood and get people laughing—whether they know each other or not.

It’s pretty simple: you ask people how they’re feeling using Nicolas Cage reactions:

Not the bees!!!

All your participants have to do is stamp themselves on the flashcard and then discuss why they chose that reaction.

Thanks to MURAL for inspiring this one and thanks to for the image.

How to run this icebreaker

  1. Open the flashcard and invite everyone to stamp their choice based on how they are feeling today.
  2. Invite people to discuss how they’re feeling. Be watchful for anyone that is feeling “Bees!!!” today.
  3. Optional: Make many Nicolas Cage references.

About the creator

Carlos Perez is the Co-founder of Purple Sector Strategy, a strategy company that focuses on aligning remote teams around customer needs. Through facilitation and coaching, Purple Sector helps leaders and their teams shape plans that are grounded in the needs of their customers and their business, using human-centred approaches.

Carlos has over 15 years of experience building up effective tech products and the teams that create them and is passionate about bringing people together around common goals to do their best work.


1-10 mins

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