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Two Truths, One Lie Icebreaker Template

Discover something unique about people in your session and play detective while breaking the ice!

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What is the Two Truths, One Lie icebreaker?

Discover something unique about your participants and break the ice!

In this exercise, each participant has one minute to come up with three facts about themselves—where two are true and one is false. The more bizarre, the better 🤓

Participants will add their truths and lies to a Miro board, after which the other participants will dot-vote on which they think is false.

Once everyone has voted, give everyone the chance to share their lie!

How to run this icebreaker

  1. Before your session, add a copy of this Miro board as a tool to this block.
  2. To start, explain the exercise and open the Miro board.
  3. Start the music to let people write in their own post-its.
  4. When the music is over, share your own three facts.
  5. The rest of the group must vote on which one they think is false using voting dots.
  6. Finally, share which fact is false, and you pass the "virtual talking stick" to the next participant to share their own facts. Give each participant one minute to share.

About the contributor

Achille Zambon focuses on innovative learning, talent and organizational development, new careers, and the future of work.

He has founded a local non-profit for inclusive language learning, taught at a top U.S. university, worked as an L&D partner for Fortune 500 companies, and managed a digital learning product that empowers the career of over 1.7 million learners worldwide with data science skills.


11-30 mins


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