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Weekly Team Check-In Meeting Agenda Template

A weekly team meeting agenda for a client services business or small agency. This agenda takes a temperature check at the beginning and leaves time for new ideas at the end.

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What is a weekly team check-in meeting?

Weekly check-in meetings are great for creating team alignment. In these meetings, you’ll check in on project statuses, but you’ll also check in on each other.

Make sure to leave time at the beginning and end for creating personal connections and generating new ideas. There should be more value to these meetings than just giving status updates.

Objectives of weekly team check-in meeting

Here’s what you should look to accomplish in your weekly check-ins:

  • Get a mood check from the team
  • Create personal connections
  • Review new business that everyone should know
  • Raise red flags and obstacles
  • Advance projects to the next step
  • Come up with new ideas and share perspectives

How to use this meeting agenda template

We've also designed an optional MURAL template that goes hand-in-hand with this meeting agenda to make it more interactive!

Here’s what’s included in this agenda template:

1. Rules of the Road 🚗

Time: 2 minutes

Tools: MURAL

Before you jump in, make sure everyone knows what's happening during this meeting and why. When people know why they're meeting, they're more interested in getting involved in the conversation. Review the Rules of the Road as a reminder for how they should 'show up' to this meeting and ensure focus.

2. Temperature Check 🌡

Time: 5 minutes

Tools: MURAL/Miro, Music Playlist

Start the meeting with a quick mood checker. Use your favorite MURAL or Miro check-in or icebreaker.

You can steal our MURAL Team Check-in Template here.

3. New Business ✨

Time: 10 minutes

Discuss any new business, including new clients, a pipeline update, or opportunities.

Boost your team's spirit by celebrating wins. Then, give teammates time to share.

Tip: Use the Queue to take turns giving updates.

4. Red Flags & Warning Signs 🚩

Time: 5 minutes

Let's discuss any fires that need putting out. Any client issues? Timeline challenges? Crunch points? Pains? Struggles? Any warning signs of those happening?

We all need help, but sometimes we're afraid to ask or not sure where to turn. This gives teammates time to address issues and ask one another for help. Give each teammate time to individually capture fires and risks. Then, encourage them to consider what they might need help with now or in the future. This will help teammates step up and support one another.

5. Project Updates 💪

Time: 20 minutes

An overview of each project's status and what is needed to advance.

Give everyone 3-5 minutes to share client updates. You can use the timer to keep everyone on track to make sure everyone gets equal sharing time.

6. Ideas & Perspectives 🧠

Time: 20 minutes

Team members are invited to share ideas, concepts, and suggestions.

About the creator

Dana Publicover is the Managing Director of Publicover&Co, a sales communications agency that simplifies how businesses explain themselves, create industry differentiation, and make services easier to sell. Their motto is “Get clear. Build trust. Make sales.”


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