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What have you learned lately? Icebreaker Template

While in breakouts, each person in the group takes up to 2 minutes to answer the icebreaker question, “What’s one thing you have been learning about lately?”

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About the “What have you learned lately?” icebreaker

Sometimes simple is best. This one's incredibly easy, introvert-friendly, and works just as well online as in-person.

Each person in the group takes up to 2 minutes to answer the question: What’s one thing you have been learning about lately?

It stimulates a great discussion that sets a healthy tone about learning, discovery, and improvement.

How it works

  1. Arrange the group into breakout groups of up to 5 people. Tell them the instructions before hitting the "Go to breakout rooms" button! 😉
  2. Introduce the activity: "Let's get to know one another better by finding out what we've been learning about lately. This will run for 10 minutes, so each of you has roughly 2 minutes to share. In your group, take turns and answer the question: What’s one thing you have been learning lately? You will find the question on a flashcard as soon as you enter the breakout.
  3. You can make it more specific if you like, e.g., "What’s something you’ve been learning about outside of work this year?" or "What’s one thing you’ve been learning about working in this team?"
  4. If you're doing this as one group, as the facilitator, you can model the correct behavior by saying something like, "Let me give you a moment to think of something while I share something I've learned..."
  5. Before you let them start, prompt everyone to keep an eye on the time and make sure everyone has a turn.
  6. When time's up (and if you have time), have a brief time of collective reflection by asking your group a couple of questions, e.g., "What was the most surprising thing you heard?" or "What can we take from this quick activity into the rest of our meeting?"

About the creator

Ben Crothers has been involved in design since before Netscape ruled the www, and in digital strategy for about the last ten years.

Ben is currently Principal Facilitator at Bright Pilots and spends a lot of his time teaching design techniques, running strategic workshops, and helping teams be more creative and focus on the right things.


11-30 mins


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