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The best way to plan & run highly engaging sessions

Whiteboarding. Polls. Breakouts. Agendas. Integrations. And so much more.
Oh, and you can plan everything before you start!

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True collaboration, minus all the tabs

Say goodbye to juggling countless apps and tabs. All the best collaboration tools are built in and simple to launch.

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Miro time!

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Set up the perfect flow

Prep your entire workshop in advance. Your preset agenda, breakouts, polls and more are right at your fingertips during the session.

Bump up the energy

Say goodbye to Zoom fatigue. Keep your participants engaged with emoji reactions, sound effects, GIFs and more.

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And that’s not all

Butter does everything you’d expect and much more.

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Butter helped us keep it simple by lifting the atmosphere and keeping everyone’s attention on just one tab! It helps lessen our stress when facilitating since it’s very intuitive and feels tailored for workshops.
Image of René Nauheimer
René Nauheimer
Co-founder, Facilitator School
Butter lifts everyone’s mood and restores the feel from physical sessions! We save 70% time in setting up the technical part of our virtual workshops - and it’s a fun process. Love it!
Image of Jan Krog Henningsen
Jan Krog Henningsen
Head of Mentoring, Innofounder Graduate
Butter helps me improve how participants engage. I love the ease of creating breakout rooms and adding creativity to every conversation! With a minimal learning curve and an ever-increasing list of fun features, I can depend on Butter to deliver better outcomes.
Image of Ross Chapman
Ross Chapman
Head of Design, Obodo
Butter is smooth, very, very easy to use and brings collaboration to the next level through its integrations. A game changer!
Image of person of Mikaela Mendieta
Mikaela Mendieta
Enterprise Account Manager, Product School
I use Butter to sparkle fun into my meetings and workshops! It keeps my team engaged and focused and combats good old’ Zoom fatigue for us!
Image of Björn Ingmansson
Björn Ingmansson
Product Marketing Manager, Pleo
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What the FAQ?

Why should I use Butter?

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Butter is a tool built specifically for hosting engaging and interactive sessions as smoothly as possible. We focus on empowering facilitators and hosts by giving them all the tools they need in one place and engaging participants through intuitive features such as the speaker queue and emoji reactions to make everyone feel heard.

Is Butter free?

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Pretty much! We have a Free plan that you can use, forever. We also have paid plans if you want unlimited and unrestricted access to Butter, higher participant limits and the ability to record your sessions. Read all about pricing here.

How many participants can join a Butter session?

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We support up to 200 people in your sessions, but there are limits depending on what plan you're on. On the free plan, you can have up to 100 participants. Read more about pricing here.

Is Butter GDPR compliant?

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As a Danish company, we care a lot about privacy and we’re continuously striving to fulfill the GDPR. You can read all about our compliance efforts, privacy, security, in GDPR Policy.

Do you host your own video?

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Video meetings on Butter are hosted by

Do you need an account to join a Butter session?

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Nope! Participants can join by clicking the shared invite link through their browser, the Butter desktop app, or the Butter mobile app.

Do you need an account to host meetings on Butter?

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Yes. In order to set up and start a meeting you need to have a Butter account. Sign up for a free account here!