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Spark growth and transformation in every joyful coaching session

Amplify the impact of your one-on-one and group sessions. Design an environment that’s more inviting and ensure follow-through is effortless with thoughtfully-designed Butter’s facilitation platform.
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Set the stage for unforgettable growth

Spark deep connections, streamline your coaching workflow, and celebrate every milestone of progress—all in one platform.
Personalize your space
Create an environment that reflects the uniqueness of your coaching practice. With Butter’s customizable waiting rooms and backgrounds, you set the tone for a session that welcomes clients into a space that feels tailor-made for their growth.
Simplify your coaching workflow
Elevate your practice by minimizing administrative tasks and focusing on what truly matters—client transformation. Butter works with your favorite scheduling tools like Calendly and Acuity, and offers built-in recaps that can instantly be shared with clients. It comes with unlimited session recordings, summaries and transcription—with no add-ons necessary.
One link, no downloads needed
With Butter’s repurposable rooms, it’s easy to create a setup that works for you—whether it be setting up one room for each client or for each purose. And clients can join your session directly from the browser, no downloads needed!
Unlock deeper connections with breakout groups
Deep dive into individual or group discussions with ease using Butter’s breakout rooms. Tailored for privacy and intimacy, these spaces are perfect for fostering personal connections and ensuring that every voice is heard, every concern addressed.

Loved by facilitators everywhere

Don’t start from scratch. Steal our templates. Get inspired by community-made agenda, activity, and tool templates. And then add them to your Butter library in seconds.

AJ&Smart’s Favorite Icebreakers Collection

Use these tried-and-tested icebreakers and energizers from Jonathan Courtney’s AJ&Smart to warm people up for any workshop, design sprint, or training session.

Publicover & Co.’s Weekly Team Check-in Meeting

A weekly team meeting agenda for a client services business or small agency. This agenda takes a temperature check at the beginning and leaves time for new ideas at the end.

Getting-To-Know-You Icebreaker

Ease the group into natural conversation with lighthearted but interesting questions in this flashcard deck.

Discover the best Butter templates

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