Townhalls & All-Hands

Host interactive townhalls that gets your team engaged

Run townhalls that are so much more than a Q&A with Butter. Plan an interactive experience and spark better discussions with all the tools you’d need, and give your team a chance to connect better in breakouts.
Customers who run their townhalls and all-hands on Butter

Make your townhalls come alive

Bring your teams closer together with more delightful townhalls and all-hands on Butter.
Give everyone the chance to be heard
With Butter’s emoji reactions, sound effects and chat, everyone can participate and be heard, without ever being off-mute. With the raise-hands queue, there’s also no more awkward interruptions when it’s your turn to talk. You’re welcome, world.
Make presentations more compelling
Ditch the boring slide decks and endless talking with static grids. Make your townhalls more entertaining by jumping between screensharing, spotlighting presenters, showing YouTube videos, and more.
Spark better team connection
Get creative with Butter’s built-in flashcards to start a conversation, and use the polls to gather brilliant ideas or make a group decision—or find out who’s a dog or cat person.
Rewatch at your own pace
Missed the meeting? Never feel the all-hands FOMO with Butter’s recaps - catch up with the recordings, notes and chat on your own time.

Loved by facilitators everywhere

Don’t start from scratch. Steal our templates. Get inspired by community-made agenda, activity, and tool templates. And then add them to your Butter library in seconds.

AJ&Smart’s Favorite Icebreakers Collection

Use these tried-and-tested icebreakers and energizers from Jonathan Courtney’s AJ&Smart to warm people up for any workshop, design sprint, or training session.

Publicover & Co.’s Weekly Team Check-in Meeting

A weekly team meeting agenda for a client services business or small agency. This agenda takes a temperature check at the beginning and leaves time for new ideas at the end.

Getting-To-Know-You Icebreaker

Ease the group into natural conversation with lighthearted but interesting questions in this flashcard deck.

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