Boost audience interaction to the next level with built-in polls

Use Butter’s easy-to-use polls to gather brilliant ideas, answer burning questions, make a group decision—or find out who’s a dog or cat person. Engage your audience in one place.
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Engage your audience with multiple-choice polls
Use Butter's multiple-choice polls to quiz your audience, hold a quick vote, or gauge their opinions.
Gather feedback with open-ended questions
Brainstorm ideas or gather feedback with open-ended polls. Participants can add their anonymous responses and upvote the best ones.
Visualize results in a word cloud
Quickly understand your participants' overall sentiment with the word cloud. No need to sift through individual responses for open-ended questions!
Easily access and document poll results
Create new polls on-the-fly or set them up in advance. Once your session is over, view and export the results in seconds.

Survey says: people love polls 😍

I love the polls. They really help break up the workshops and create a nice vibe. It can be hard for people to participate, especially for people on the introverted side. Polls have been great for that!

Rosie Sherry, Community Lead @ Orbit

Butter literally sparks joy—not kidding! With emojis, sound effects, polls, and GIFs to encourage participation, it feels more like you’re playing in a social app or game than using business technology—and that’s why it’s so. much. freakin'. fun!

Dr. Leigh George, CEO @ Freedom

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