Pump up the energy in your virtual meetings

Say goodbye to Zoom fatigue. Keep your participants involved and excited with engagement features like emoji reactions, sound effects, GIFs, and a hands-up queue.
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Make it delightful with reactions and sound effects
Emoji reactions and sound effects give everyone instant feedback and encouragement. It keeps the energy high and lets people freely express what they feel!
Avoid interruptions with the queue
Minimize distractions and talking over each other awkwardly. Ensure that everyone has a chance to be heard by getting your participants to raise their hand in the queue!
Get the conversation going in the chat
Participants can share thoughts, questions and ideas with organized chat threads and fun GIFs. Keep things private with direct messaging and a facilitator-only chat.
Set the mood with customizable music playlists
Get the vibe going with a built-in music player that you can customize to match your workshop theme or goals. Be your own workshop DJ and make your sessions more fun and engaging.

Join in on the fun 🙌

Butter literally sparks joy—not kidding! With the punchy colors, emojis, sound effects, polls, and gifs to encourage participation, it feels more like you’re playing in a social app or game than using business technology—and that’s why it’s so. much. freakin’. fun!

Dr. Leigh George, CEO @ Freedom

Our clients include big brands like Google and Virgin and we ran a few workshops with global teams on the platform. Not only did everyone love it, but they also raved about interactivity and engagement. To date, our clients say it's the most fun workshop experience they've been led through.

Sunny Bonnell, CEO @ Motto

Don’t start from scratch. Steal our templates. Get inspired by community-made agenda, activity, and tool templates. And then add them to your Butter library in seconds.

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