Make managing breakouts a breeze

Prepare breakout sessions in advance or arrange them on the fly—and even observe rooms without jumping in. It’s never been easier to facilitate breakouts!
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Tailor your breakouts to any workshop format
Create open rooms that participants can be assigned to or move freely between. Or automatically assign participants to closed groups of any size.
Stop fumbling around with activity links
Want your groups to brainstorm on a Miro board or fill out a Google Doc? You can assign tasks, tools, and activities to each breakout in advance. They’ll automagically open when participants enter the breakout.
Provide a helping hand
Observe groups without joining them, manage help requests, monitor task progress, broadcast to all rooms, and reshuffle groups. All from a single dashboard.

People are raving about breakouts

"I love being able to peek into breakout rooms to make sure everyone understands the assignments."

Kara Kirby, CEO @ Insights Leadership Group

"Breakouts are super easy to plan and run in Butter. All you need to do is to assign your Miro board to the breakouts and you're done. Our participants no longer get lost jumping between tools."

Ben Shih, Community Lead @ UX East Meets West

Don’t start from scratch. Steal our templates. Get inspired by community-made agenda, activity, and tool templates. And then add them to your Butter library in seconds.

Level up your breakouts

Ready to run buttery-smooth virtual sessions? It’s time to experience Butter for yourself!