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Run smoother sessions with co-facilitators

Invite co-facilitators to shared rooms to help you prep, run, and wrap up your sessions with ease!

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Plan sessions together

Invite collaborators in advance to shared rooms to prep activities, design the waiting room, invite other co-facilitators, and start the session without you!

Set up once, reuse forever

The shared rooms you create together can be reused again and again.

Co-host like a champ

During a session, co-facilitators can manage participants, the queue, breakouts, timers, polls, and more—allowing you to focus your energy on your participants.

Kudos for collaboration 🙌

Butter is just perfect for us. It’s easy to use for the participants and it has so many useful features for moderators. Plus, it combines video chat and Miro in one tool, that's awesome.

Markus Blatt, CEO @ neueBeratung GmbH

Being able to share rooms with co-facilitators has made planning workshops a much smoother experience. There’s less need for coordination from my side, so I can enter each session with more ease and spend my time and energy on the participants and the content.

Thea Bramming, Organizational Advisor

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