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Create customized agendas in minutes

Build your agenda, even for multiple days. Preload your tools. Generate a magic AI agenda in seconds. Thanks to the Agenda Planner, your sessions will practically run themselves.
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Build your dream agenda
Keep your sessions running smoothly with a time-boxed, color-coded agenda. Customize each block with a duration, your notes, and even tools! Show or hide it from your participants as needed.
Effortlessly plan multiple sessions
Running multiple-day trainings or cohort courses? No sweat. Build multiple reusable agendas in one room. Easily schedule it and share one unique link to your participants.
Put every tool at your fingertips
Add tools and activities—like polls, presentations, breakouts, Miro boards, and YouTube videos—to your toolbox for easy access during your sessions.
Generate an AI-powered agenda in seconds
Get sessions structured in no time, without all the work. Just describe your session, and our Magic AI agenda planner recommends a full outline with timings for you!
Stay organized with a full agenda overview
Keep track of your planning with a neat agenda overview. Colorcode it and drag-and-drop blocks easily!
Plan faster with keyboard shortcuts
Start flying through creating agendas with efficient keyboard shortcuts. It’s planning for power users.

We've got big agenda fans! 🙌

"Butter's agenda really helps me manage the time of my meetings. It keeps me on track and makes sure we don't forget anything important."

Björn Ingmanssons, Product Marketing Manager @ Pleo

"Butter has given me the tools to keep the agenda going as a facilitator, while also engaging my students with the polls and chat. I can’t imagine doing remote workshops without Butter!"

Ivan Brezak Brkan, Founding Editor @ Content is Hard

Don’t start from scratch. Steal our templates. Get inspired by community-made agenda, activity, and tool templates. And then add them to your Butter library in seconds.

Make the most out of your agenda

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