Cohort-Based Courses

Turn engaging & collaborative live courses into the heartbeat of your program

Bring every lesson to life with Butter—made easy with interactive tools, ready-to-use templates, and shareable recaps. Foster a vibrant community where every participant is both learner and explorer.
Cohort courses that are powered by Butter

Build thriving cohort experiences

Forget juggling tools and the struggle to keep the energy up over months. We’ve simplified how you plan and run courses with Butter—because managing it should feel like a blast, not a chore.
Ignite unmatched engagement
Design live sessions that unleash collaboration, connection and curiosity. Ensure it’s anything but a monologue with an array of discussion-sparking tools—like polls, flashcards, embedded integrations with Miro, Google and YouTube, and more.
Less prep time = more lightbulb moments
Spend less time prepping, and more time inspiring connections in your cohorts. Butter’s reusable rooms and templates make running unforgettable sessions rinse-and-repeat—set up activities once, and reuse the most successful ones for the next cohorts. With session analytics and participant feedback, you’re never shooting in the dark—get insights on how you can improve participation.
Add personality to your space
First impressions matter, even in virtual learning. With Butter’s customizable waiting rooms and wallpapers, you can set the tone for your cohort-based adventure before the session even starts.
Use breakouts to build a community, not just a cohort
Fuel real connections with breakout rooms, where participants can go deeper and turn group discussions into a personal growth journey. It’s easier to manage with Butter’s next-level breakouts—prep them ahead, preload activities that help ignite the rapport, and offer support when they need it.

Loved by facilitators everywhere

Don’t start from scratch. Steal our templates. Get inspired by community-made agenda, activity, and tool templates. And then add them to your Butter library in seconds.

AJ&Smart’s Favorite Icebreakers Collection

Use these tried-and-tested icebreakers and energizers from Jonathan Courtney’s AJ&Smart to warm people up for any workshop, design sprint, or training session.

Publicover & Co.’s Weekly Team Check-in Meeting

A weekly team meeting agenda for a client services business or small agency. This agenda takes a temperature check at the beginning and leaves time for new ideas at the end.

Getting-To-Know-You Icebreaker

Ease the group into natural conversation with lighthearted but interesting questions in this flashcard deck.

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