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Quick facts

Facilitator School
Training sessions
What they do
Gives people the skills, tools and resources to run better meetings and create a collaborative workplace in a distributed world
Size of session
6-15 participants
6-15 participants

The Facilitator School gives people the skills, tools and resources to run better meetings, guides groups to results, and creates a collaborative workplace in a distributed world. Their flagship masterclass is a 6 week cohort-based course that is is split into pre-recorded course content and weekly live workshops to apply the theory and learn by doing.

As they specialise in digital facilitation, Facilitator School know the importance of digital tools to empower and improve collaboration - and they found that relying on Zoom was making this difficult. Rene and Daniel realised that they needed a tool that was designed specifically with workshops in mind, for the sake of both facilitators and participants.

Enter Butter!

Straightforward setup

As the Facilitator School work with people who use different browsers and company firewalls, they were impressed by Butter's ability to work across all of these, creating a straightforward process and making it easy for all participants to join workshops. They could implement Miro from the beginning, meaning they no longer required participants to switch between tabs - which had previously caused a loss of attention! Butter helps Rene and Daniel keep it simple, and keep everyone's attention.

Better participant satisfaction and connection

Rene and Daniel are finding that their participants really enjoy the reactions and the chance to play around with the reaction features. Participants are generally engaged and use the reaction features a lot, which promotes a feeling of connection and makes it easier for people to come together as a group - even if they're never met before. In their own words: Butter engages people, lifts the atmosphere, and creates a feeling of togetherness.

Less stress for facilitators during meetings

With Butter's setup, Rene and Daniel are finding that they are much less stressed during workshops. Particularly when plans change and facilitators have to improvise, they find that they now have the mind-space to adapt in the session, because so much has been planned beforehand. Knowing that all participants can see the same thing when entering Miro helps Rene and Daniel guide them and makes it easier to get the workshop started.

How to Butter with René:

1. I always start by creating a new room and giving it a fancy name and customising the URL to match it.

2. Then I will add some funny GIFs and background music to decorate the waiting room. My go-to is the Butter Elevator Classic!

3. I also download the Room Graphics and use it to promote our session. Saves me a lot of time!

4. After that, I will start planning around the session by using the agenda feature to check how I could play with the integrated tools.

5. Finally, if it's a big workshop that requires more co-facilitators, I will invite the co-facilitators to test out the flow and see if they would like to change anything.

Finally, Ben's bonus top tip: Make sure you play around with the features before your workshop sessions so you can make use of them during the session!

Butter helped us keep it simple by lifting the atmosphere and keeping everyone's attention on just one tab - it helped us get started with workshops more easily! It helps lower our stress level when facilitating since the design is very intuitive and feels made specifically for workshops.

René Nauheimer, Co-founder at Facilitator School
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Features used in session

Setting the agenda helps keep your session on track. You can set up agenda items with or without time limits
Setting the agenda helps keep your session on track. You can set up agenda items with or without time limits
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