Butter Community

Calling all facilitators, workshoppers, trainers and consultants - challenge the status quo and inspire the world with fresh and innovative ways of doing workshops with us..

Contribute and get involved

Explore daring new ideas — and share yours too! 
The more we engage and contribute, the more we grow as facilitators.
Thu, Feb, 03, 16:00
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Our community values

Want to know what we stand for?
Join the community to feel these values in action.

Act with a hive mind

We believe that everything exceptional in the world is built by people coming together.

Proactively collaborate

We are committed to leveraging each other's skills and strive to complement each other's strong points.

More learning, less ego

We provide a space where we all feel safe to ask for feedback and advice.

Be bold and curious

We are committed to daring, courageously failing forward, and exploring new ideas.

Celebrate every viewpoint

Each one of us is unique and we all have gifts to share with others.

Dance around each other,
don't tiptoe

We are whole humans and we show up as we are.

Have fun

We are serious about facilitation, but we don't take ourselves too seriously.