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Purple Sector Strategy
Carlos Perez
Meredith Perez

Making your strategic plan operational is hard.

We change that.

💜 We know that connecting strategy to action is hard! We work with purpose-driven organizations to help their teams develop programs that create measurable impact using design thinking. 

We know the value of aligning people around meaningful work, and we use that to fuel their passion and create sustainable change for your organization.

Our engaging facilitated workshops and personalized coaching help you activate your team around what matters most to your organization and clients.

Canadian Women & Sport
The impact that this work has had on two of our cornerstone programs is profound. It will allow us to scale, reach more people, and have a higher quality impact than we did previously when we were being reactive in solving our problems.
Stephanie Talsma
Director of Programs
Doing Good Digital
These were truly amazing sessions, and I can't wait to continue working with you all. Purple Sector's workshop quickly taught me a lot about our client and their staff's needs. It was VERY beneficial for me.
Katy Spencer
Director of Digital Fundraising
Eco-Anxious Stories
There's something magical about working with Carlos and Meredith. Ideas transform into plans, musings become practical frameworks, and insecurities are welcomed as an invitation to go deeper. I leave our sessions feeling like all my mental scribbles have been collected, cared for, and given a proper chance to grow.
Rachel Malena-Chan
Founder & Story Strategist
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