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Efficient meetings are challenging enough, let alone summarizing crucial reflections and action points afterwards. Juggling these tasks can be difficult unless you're a pro at multitasking or have extra support.

Enter AI note-taking tools!

They've transformed the process, effortlessly capturing essential information. These tools identify and summarize key points, providing a thorough meeting record without scrambling to note every detail.

In this post, we'll introduce 15 fantastic tools using AI for automatic meeting summaries and notes - and we’ll also show you why Butter stands out from the crowd. 😉

Forget multitasking or struggling to keep up - focus on actively participating and leading your workshop or meeting discussions, while an AI assistant handles the rest!

But before we start, why should you even consider tools like these?

The benefits of using an AI assistant for your meetings

AI-powered tools offer several advantages:

  • They auto-transcribe, minimizing the chances of overlooking or misunderstanding crucial points.
  • These tools offer a time-saving approach to summarizing essential details.
  • Sharing meeting notes becomes straightforward, fostering team synchrony and follow-through.
  • Certain tools provide added insights such as sentiment analysis, keyword highlighting, and more.
  • They're instrumental in leading effective workshops and training sessions.

Considering these perks, let's explore the top AI meeting summary tools in the market.

Top 15 AI meeting summary tools

1. Butter

Butter combines engaging video conferencing with AI-powered summaries and transcripts to help teams run more effective sessions. It helps you create a smooth meeting experience with an easy-to-use platform that allows you to plan, run and recap more engaging sessions.

Best for remote teams, leads and facilitators who value engagement and interactivity.

  • Pros: Simple, user-friendly interface; all-in-one video conferencing platform that helps you streamline your meeting workflow in one tool; automatic meeting summaries and transcripts with one easy-to-share link.
  • Cons: Hosting meetings on mobile is not yet possible.
  • Pricing: Free, with paid plans starting at $14 per user/month.

2. Fireflies

Fireflies is an AI assistant designed to transcribe meetings, track action items, and search across all conversations. Ideal for sales teams and customer success managers.

  • Pros: Robust search functionality, integrates with numerous platforms.
  • Cons: Free version is limited.
  • Pricing: Free, with Pro version at $10 per user/month.

3. Otter

Otter is known for its advanced voice transcription, offering live notes for meetings, interviews, and lectures. Ideal for educators, journalists, and teams that require accurate transcriptions. Works with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

  • Pros: Exceptional voice transcription, speaker identification, summary keywords.
  • Cons: The user interface may be complex for some users.
  • Pricing: Free with 300 minutes of transcription/month, with paid plans starting at $8.33 per user/month.

4. Sembly

Sembly offers an AI-driven platform designed to make your meetings more productive by capturing key insights and tracking actions. It's best for project management and teams that have regular status updates.

  • Pros: Meeting insights, integrates with most calendar apps.
  • Cons: More useful for structured meetings.
  • Pricing: Free trial available, with paid plans starting at $10 per user/month.

5. Supernormal

Supernormal provides automatic note-taking that works seamlessly with popular meeting platforms. Ideal for remote teams looking for quick and clear meeting recaps.

  • Pros: Pre-made templates, multi-language support, video recording.
  • Cons: The free version has limited meeting recordings.
  • Pricing: Free for 10 meetings/month, Pro plans start at $22 per user/month.

6. Fathom

Fathom helps you understand and navigate your Zoom calls using AI-generated insights. Best for remote teams and managers who need detailed meeting insights.

  • Pros: Offers detailed meeting analytics and sentiment analysis.
  • Cons: Only integrates with Zoom.
  • Pricing: Free trial available, Team edition starts at $19/user/month.

7. Colibri

Colibri is an AI tool that helps you plan, run, and follow up on meetings, making them more effective. Ideal for project managers and team leaders.

  • Pros: Full-featured meeting planning and follow-up tools.
  • Cons: The learning curve may be steep for some.
  • Pricing:  Free options available, Starter plan at $16/user/month.

8. MeetGeek

MeetGeek provides automatic meeting summaries and offers useful insights like participation rate and sentiment. Best for teams aiming to improve meeting dynamics and effectiveness.

  • Pros: Detailed meeting insights, custom keywords.
  • Cons: More expensive compared to other tools.
  • Pricing: Free for the basic plan, with paid plans starting at $15 per user/month.

9. Avoma

Avoma is designed to assist with preparation, joining, recording, transcribing, and summarizing meetings. It is perfect for teams seeking an all-in-one solution for meeting management.

  • Pros: Robust features for pre-meeting preparation and post-meeting follow-up, along with in-meeting assistance.
  • Cons: Its extensive functionality might make it overwhelming for new users.
  • Pricing: Starts at $19 per user/month.

10. Noty

Noty is an AI-powered app that focuses on transcribing audio notes and meetings. It's best suited for individuals and teams that need a simple, straightforward transcription solution.

  • Pros: Excellent audio transcription, easy-to-use interface.
  • Cons: Lacks some of the advanced features found in other AI meeting tools.
  • Pricing: Free trial available, with paid plans starting at $8.99 per month.

11. MeetJamie

MeetJamie is an AI tool designed to summarize meetings into a comprehensive, easy-to-understand format. Ideal for teams that need concise, detailed meeting summaries.

  • Pros: Provides detailed, concise summaries, with a focus on identifying key points and decisions.
  • Cons: Only available in English.
  • Pricing: Contact for pricing details.

12. Nyota

Nyota is an AI assistant for meetings that captures notes, assigns tasks, and identifies key points. It's perfect for project management and teams that require actionable insights from meetings.

  • Pros: Advanced features for task assignment and tracking.
  • Cons: Some users may find the interface less intuitive than others.
  • Pricing: Free trial available, Standard plan starts at $29/month.

13. Descript

Descript provides a collaborative audio/video editor that includes transcription, screen recording, and publishing. It is best for creative teams, video editors, and podcasters.

  • Pros: Multi-functional tool with capabilities beyond meetings.
  • Cons: Not specifically designed for meeting transcription or summary.
  • Pricing: Free plan available, Creator plan starts at $12 per month.

14. Vowel

Vowel is a tool that helps teams run meetings more effectively with real-time transcription, integrated task management, and post-meeting analytics. Best for teams seeking a comprehensive meeting management tool.

  • Pros: Includes pre-meeting planning, in-meeting collaboration, and post-meeting analytics.
  • Cons: New users may need some time to get used to its many features.
  • Pricing: Contact for pricing details.

15. Fellow

Fellow provides a shared space for meeting agendas, action items, and feedback, making meetings more productive. It is great for teams looking to improve collaboration and transparency.

  • Pros: Exceptional for agenda-setting and task tracking, integrates with popular tools like Slack and Asana.
  • Cons: Lacks real-time transcription feature.
  • Pricing: Free version available, with paid plans starting at $6 per user/month.

How Butter stands out from the rest 🔥

While all these tools offer valuable features, we believe Butter offers an unmatched combination of video conferencing and AI-powered meeting facilitation. Out of all the tools, it’s the only one which is a standalone meeting platform and doesn’t act as a plug-in!

Butter's design focuses on keeping sessions interactive and engaging, with features like agendas with preloadable tools, integrated polls, music, timers, and breakout rooms. It also integrates with many of your favorite facilitation tools like Miro, MURAL and Google Docs.

Coupled with these engagement tools, Butter's AI takes care of creating summaries and transcripts instantly, so you don't miss any important details. Moreover, its competitive pricing makes it accessible to teams of all sizes, ensuring everyone can experience efficient and effective meetings.

Tips for getting the most out of your meeting recaps and summaries

To maximize the benefits of these tools, try to:

  • Identify your needs: Evaluate the needs of your team. Do you require a full video conferencing solution or a plug-in? Do you need sentiment analysis, keyword tracking, or multi-language support? Choose the tool that best meets these requirements.
  • Encourage consistent usage: The value of AI meeting tools grows as they become a routine part of your meetings. Encourage all team members to use and familiarize themselves with the chosen tool!
  • Review and revise immediately after the meeting: AI-generated summaries are not perfect. Make sure to review and revise the notes as needed - this will help you catch any errors or omissions, and you can make adjustments while the discussion is still fresh in your mind!
  • Share the summary with all participants: Doing so will ensure everyone is on the same page and aware of the decisions made and the next steps.
  • Leverage the summary for future meeting planning: The summary can be a valuable resource when planning your next meeting. It can show what was discussed, what needs to be followed up on, and what can be improved.

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