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Want to take your facilitation skills to the next level? We’ve done the hard work of finding the best facilitation podcasts out there that can help superpower you.


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Every facilitator knows that constantly learning, finding inspiration and keeping updated on trends can help you stay ahead of the curve. Whether you're an experienced pro or a first-time workshop leader, podcasts are a great way to continue your professional development and sharpen your facilitation know-how!

So we've rounded up our top 21 picks on inspiring facilitation podcasts that every facilitator should add to their library.

From interviews with experienced facilitators to practical advice from everyday practitioners, each of these shows offer something unique: from designing workshops, guiding conversations more effectively, conducting amazing meetings, and more.

Why are podcasts great for learning

Podcasts are an excellent source of learning that can fit into your busy schedules. You can conveniently choose when and where you want to listen!

With each episode, you’re exposed to new perspectives on facilitation and in-depth discussions with those who’ve “been there, done that.” It offers snackable insights that can help sharpen your own point-of-view and give inspiration on fresh methods and frameworks that you can experiment with in your next workshop or training right away.

We hope that you find one (or more!) podcasts that resonate with your own journey as a facilitator. Get ready to discover some new shows, try out different tips and strategies, and get plenty of fresh ideas for your next session!

Our top 21 podcast picks

Podcasts on workshop facilitation

1. Workshops Work by Myriam Hadnes

Workshops Work by Myriam Hadnes

If you're looking for a podcast that comprehensively covers everything workshop-related, look no further!

Myriam Hadnes, founder of NeverDoneBefore, opens the world of facilitation to all who are interested in the craft. Discover the magic ingredients that make workshops truly tick through open and honest conversations with professional facilitators, trainers and coaches, who share their interests, experiences, and practical advice each week. The podcast even has a downloadable 1-page summary of each episode.

Every episode is filled with incredible and practical nuggets that you can immediately reflect on and apply to your facilitation practice. We love her genuine and empathetic approach – the conversations feel like you're listening to friends talking. She also hosts the best of the best in facilitation!

If you're passionate about leading happy, productive teams and holding better meetings through effective collaboration, this podcast is the perfect pick for you.

🎧 Listen to it: Apple | Spotify

2. First-Time Facilitator by Leanne Hughes

If you're looking for something that provides insight into corporate training and facilitation, look no further than Leanne Hughes' podcast. She breaks down everything you need to know as a first-time facilitator, including everything from icebreakers and group interaction to diagnosing common issues and growing your confidence as a leader.

Filled with practical ideas, thoughtful topics, and remarkable speakers, her happy, insightful, and confident approach to presenting and workshop facilitation is exceptionally valuable.

Whether you're a seasoned trainer or an aspiring facilitator, this podcast has something for everyone who wants to boost their skills, and connect with their audience to leave a lasting impact.

🎧 Listen to it: Apple | Spotify

3. Jake & Jonathan by Jake Knapp & Jonathan Courtney

This podcast gives listeners a behind-the-scenes at how some of the best companies in the world design their products. Jake Knapp, co-author of the highly acclaimed book "Sprint", and Jonathan Courtney, co-founder of AJ&Smart, teams up to share valuable insights and hilarious commentary on innnovation, design and productivity.

It's the perfect mix of sharp lessons and laugh-out-loud moments - and we wouldn't have expected anything less from this energetic and entertaining duo. It packs a lot of punch about design and UX topics, without taking itself too seriously.

The last episode is from 2020, but backlistening to it is a timeless activity!

🎧 Listen to it: Apple | Spotify

4. Facilitator Forum by Julia Winston

Julia Winston interviews amazing experts from various fields who are dedicated to guiding groups, creating meaningful connections, and making tough things easier.

She explores the power of vulnerability, authentic leadership, and connection, which will give you abundant inspiration to apply on your own facilitation journey. By bridging topics like DEI, playfulness and art to facilitation, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to bring their unique self to facilitation.

🎧 Listen to it: Apple | Spotify

5. Facilitation Stories by IAF

IAF (or International Association of Facilitators) is one of the most-recognized communities in the world of facilitation. So no top podcast list is complete without theirs!

Their podcast is a series by facilitators, for facilitators — and is great for anyone interested in using facilitation for change. Organized by IAF England Wales, this podcast features facilitation stories from notable experts who share fresh methods and diverse ideas that you can apply to your own workshops

🎧 Listen to it: Apple | Spotify

6. There Is A Workshop For That! by Nathy Ravez

In this podcast, you'll get some insights and tips on how to take your facilitation to the next level. Nathy interviews facilitators, book authors, and corporate managers from around the world, so you can expect to receive comprehensive tips on how to enhance collaboration and create remarkable workshops.

She's also an active contributor to AJ&Smart's Workshopper Master and the Butter communities, so you'll hear about interesting takes from people from both worlds!

🎧 Listen to it: Apple

7. Doing Being Doing by Shalini Menon

Shalini has always worked at an interesting intersection of adult and online learning -- and her podcast is a great reflection of that!

She explores diverse areas of facilitation and how to unpack great career pathways through interviews with trainers all around the globe. Soak up the knowledge from the pros she features on how to create transformative moments in organizations, communities, and individuals' lives in this engaging podcast on facilitation.

🎧 Listen to it: Apple | Spotify

8. Shiny Happy People by Vinay Kumar

Looking for a podcast that mixes business with facilitation? Look no further than Shiny Happy People!

In this business podcast that is all about people, Vinay Kumar, former IAF Global Chair, sits down with top leaders, thinkers, and strategists to help you discover actionable insights to up your facilitation game! He covers topics that any budding facilitator would be interested in learning more about -- from DEI, technology, the future of the workforce, storytelling, negotiation and more.

He also provides some Read-Watch-Listen recommendations, making this a must-listen for anyone looking to stay ahead in the business world.

🎧 Listen to it: Apple | Spotify

Podcasts on effective conversations

9. The Conversation Factory by Daniel Stillman

This podcast explores how conversations can drive positive change, from teams to entire communities. Daniel interviews conversation designers about how to Amplify, Shift or Transform conversations -- in a way that'll help you look at making your conversations more meaningful and thought-provoking.

His masterful approach to digging into daily interactions will leave you hooked. It's like listening to a dinner party conversation you'd definitely want to be a part of!

🎧 Listen to it: Apple | Spotify

10. Control the Room by Douglas Ferguson

Douglas Ferguson is on a mission to help people everywhere run better meetings in this podcast. Poorly-run meetings waste time and money, so he does the work for us in getting insights and practical tips on how to collaborate better and avoid the most common meeting mistakes.

He features movers in the future of work to share strategies for collaboration, developing your presence and managing difficult conversations — and shares real-world advice that you can put into action right away.

🎧 Listen to it: Apple | Spotify

Podcasts on agile

11. This is Retrospective Facilitation by Enrico Teotti

Enrico Teotti interviews experienced thought leaders to share their lessons learned in their retrospectives journey. He covers topics such as facilitating retrospectives, setting goals, gathering feedback, and exploring improvement ideas. We love how comprehensive his approach is – he dives deep into each topic to provide a rich understanding of the retrospective process.

🎧 Listen to it: Apple | Spotify

12. Scrum Master Toolbox by Vasco Duarte

In this daily podcast for scrum masters and agile coaches, Vasco Duarte covers important lessons for practictioners that a regular course won't teach you. He gives daily doses of inspiring conversation with agile gurus who share what you need to know to do your job well as a scrum master.

Covering topics such as agile business, sprint planning, testing strategies, and more, his podcast will help you learn how to get the most out of your team.

🎧 Listen to it: Apple | Spotify

Podcasts on workplace collaboration

13. Corporate Unplugged by Vesna Lucca

If you're looking for a podcast that highlights the movers and shakers of the business world, you won't want to miss this one.

Host Vesna Lucca talks with entrepreneurs, leaders, activists, and other heroes in an engaging, informal style that never fails to inspire. From celebrities to hidden gems, the guests share their dreams, experiences, and insights on what it takes to make an impact. Tune in for a stripped-down dialogue that will leave you inspired and motivated!

🎧 Listen to it: Apple | Spotify

14. Brave New Work by Aaron Dignan and Rodney Evans

Discover a more adaptive and human way of working with the Brave New Work podcast. Aaron Dignan and Rodney Evans teams up to offer unique and counterintuitive takes on everyday workplace challenges in a way that leaves you feeling recharged and optimistic.

Each week, they bring on expert guests to share their insights and help listeners look at how organizations can embrace change and use new ways of working to stay ahead of the competition. Whether you’re leading a startup or revamping a large corporation, this one can help guide you to doing better work daily!

🎧 Listen to it: Apple | Spotify

15. Collaboration Superpowers by Lisette Sutherland

Who doesn't like the idea of superpowering the way they collaborate remotely? We know we do. 😄

Lisette features fascinating interviews with remote-working advocates who share their stories and tips for successfully bridging the distance in knowledge work. And in the process, she convinces listeners that virtual teams can be just as effective as in-person ones.

You’ll find heaps of inspiration from leaders in the remote world for whichever stage your remote team or business is in! It's great for anyone looking to level uptheir facilitation and management skills while working remotely.

🎧 Listen to it: Apple | Spotify

Podcasts on creativity & design

16. This is HCD by Gerry Scullion and Gerry McGovern

This engaging podcast brings together leaders in the service, user, and interaction design spaces to explore the world of human-centered design.

They go deep into the human-centered design process, with a focus on applying design thinking techniques to everyday life. Their content is concise, informative and well-explained and covers a broad range of topics such as user research, prototyping, and testing ideas with real users.

It’s a great resource for anyone looking to use design thinking in their work.

🎧 Listen to it: Apple | Spotify

17. Creative Confidence by IDEO U's Coe Leta Stafford and Suzanne Gibbs Howard

It's an incredible resource for facilitators and those looking to enhance their creativity. The podcast features conversations with top changemakers and creative leaders, giving listeners unique insights into their approach to leadership, innovation, and growth.

We like how they share real-world insights into bridging design thinking with business-building, with each episode showing us how creative thinking can help us get unstuck and find solutions to difficult problems.

🎧 Listen to it: Apple | Spotify

18. A Beginner’s Guide to Design Thinking: A-Z by Lucy Patterson and Tracy Sharp

It's perfect for anyone who wants to learn the basics of design thinking. Aimed at newbies and people who are curious about design thinking, they cover the fundamentals of how to apply it to your own work to boost your business and improve your life.

🎧 Listen to it: Apple

Podcasts on effective meetings

19. Amazing Meetings by Bartosz Zieleznik and Louis Nigrini

In this podcast, Bartosz and Louis looks at how to create engaging meetings that get results. With stories from seasoned facilitators, this show offers practical advice for setting the right tone, injecting energy into meetings, and avoiding common pitfalls.

🎧 Listen to it here

Podcast on experiential learning

20. Vertical Playpen by High 5 Adventure Learning Center

Want to learn more about adventure and experiential education? Then this podcast is for you! Through interviews with industry professionals, they share tons of activity ideas and facilitation tips in such a humorous way.

🎧 Listen to it: Apple | Spotify

21. Strategic Play by Jacquie Lloyd Smith and Mark Millhone

In this podcast, you can dive into the power of improvisation and play in facilitation. It covers a broad range of experts who help us explore how different approaches to playing games can help us become better communicators, problem solvers, and collaborators.

🎧 Listen to it here

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