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It might be hard to imagine ever getting excited about opening your inbox. 😅 But picture the thrill of opening your email to fresh insights that supercharge your facilitation skills. Here, we've cherry-picked the top nine facilitation newsletters that grace our inboxes regularly. Read on!


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It might be hard to imagine ever getting excited about opening your inbox. 😅 But picture the thrill of opening your email to fresh insights that supercharge your facilitation skills.

And if you’re a facilitator, workshopper, or someone who’s interested to level up your online conversations, that's not a dream—it's your upcoming reality with all the great newsletter picks we’ve rounded up in this article!

In the fast-evolving world of facilitation, learning constantly is your (not-so)-secret weapon. And newsletters packed with expert advice, insights and the latest trends can be your passport to professional growth.

Here, we've cherry-picked the top nine facilitation newsletters that grace our inboxes regularly. Read on!

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Top 9 facilitation newsletters

1. Gwyn Wansbrough's The Quest

The Quest is a trove of information for facilitators and those passionate about online facilitation and effective learning design. It offers actionable insights on how to design and lead online workshops that are energizing and leave your participants wanting more (something that definitely speaks to us at Butter 😊).

Gwyn's extensive experience in the field and her ability to distill complex concepts into practical tips will add a welcome addition to your inbox every Monday!

2. Workshops Work by Myriam Hadnes

Myriam’s newsletter is dedicated to all things workshops and facilitation. Every Tuesday, she shares very honest personal reflections and insightful thought-starters that’s sure to encourage you stop a beat and reflect on your personal journey as well.

Each week, she also shares podcast conversations where experts share their magic ingredients to making workshops work — all in pursuit of getting to the heart of what it means to facilitate collaboration.

Get your pens and journals ready when reading this one!

Explore Myriam's podcast map here too!

3. Priya Parker's The Art of Gathering

Priya Parker's The Art of Gathering Newsletter dives into the art and science of creating meaningful and memorable gatherings.

Her monthly newsletter offers a blend of personal stories, practical advice, and thought-provoking ideas that inspire better purpose and connection in your day-to-day interactions.

4. Douglas Ferguson's Voltage Control Newsletter

Douglas Ferguson's newsletter focuses on design thinking, innovation, and facilitation. It explores topics such as design sprints, human-centered design, and creative problem-solving, providing tips and techniques for facilitating successful innovation processes.

His expertise in design thinking and his ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and practical manner shines through in each email. If you’re looking for actionable insights and case studies, then this one’s for you!

5. The Liberators' Newsletter

The Liberators' Newsletter is all about liberating structures and facilitating inclusive and collaborative meetings, so you can unleash your org’s superpowers. It shares practical facilitation techniques, success stories, and even upcoming workshop announcements!

It provides facilitators with a toolkit of innovative methods to create dynamic and inclusive group processes.

6. The Texturalists by Susanne Heiss

Susanne Heiss’ newsletter is all about ideas and inspiration to help make your company culture more dynamic and playful - and ultimately, to drive impactful change.

It’s for people who care not only about what they are working on, but also how they can engage their teams and make them feel more creative when innovating.

People love her fresh take on facilitation, and your inbox will surely be happy to get her choose-your-own-adventure newsletter.

7. SessionLab's Newsletter

This is great for anyone looking to start their facilitation journey and keep up-to-date with the world of facilitation. It provides access to facilitation techniques, workshop design resources, and facilitator guides on various topics.

SessionLab regularly shares methods and best practices that help facilitators design and lead effective workshops.

8. The Ready's Brave New Work Wednesdays

The Ready's Newsletter offers inbox-worthy insights on organizational design, culture, transformational leadership, and other business-as-(un)usual topics every other week.

We admire its boldness, and the combination of research, case studies and actional advice that helps readers understand new ways of working, facilitating change processes, and fostering collaboration in organizations.

And last but not the least…

9. Butter Community Newsletter ✨

This is a must-read for anyone interested in the idea of ‘facilitation as a future skill’ and improving how they do virtual collaboration. It provides curated community picks, resources, and conversations on creating effective digital workshops, remote facilitation techniques, toolkits, workshop announcements, and more — all delivered to your inbox every Thursday.

We might be biased, but we sure hope it’ll end up being one of your favorites! 💛

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