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We've handpicked 25 bookmark-worthy frameworks and toolkits that you need to have at your fingertips. Find out why continuous learning is a game-changer for facilitators, and get ready to dive into these valuable resources!


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Are you a facilitator looking to take your sessions to the next level? Having a set of reliable frameworks and toolkits can make a world of difference. These resources provide you with proven methods, exercises, and approaches that can help you navigate any facilitation challenges.

We've handpicked 25 bookmark-worthy frameworks and toolkits that you need to have at your fingertips. Find out why continuous learning is a game-changer for facilitators, and get ready to dive into these valuable resources!

Why constant upskilling matters for facilitators

Staying ahead in the facilitation game requires continuous learning and growth. By sharpening your skills, you can:

🏃🏽Stay ahead of the curve: The facilitation field is dynamic - new trends, methodologies, and tools emerge regularly. Staying updated on the latest industry developments enables you to guide groups better with innovative and relevant facilitation techniques.

🧠 Expand your toolkit: Every facilitation challenge is unique, and having a diverse range of frameworks and toolkits at your disposal equips you to adapt to different situations. Having a broad repertoire of strategies to draw from allows you to tailor your approach to the specific needs of your participants - and respond to what’s needed in the moment!

💛 Deepen your expertise: Learning from experienced facilitators and exploring new perspectives helps you deepen your understanding of facilitation principles. It allows you to refine your facilitation style, uncover hidden insights, and enhance your ability to create engaging and transformative experiences for participants.

💥 Inspire creativity and innovation: As a facilitator, fresh ideas, methodologies, and approaches can keep you inspired to create more engaging learning experiences. Experimenting with new techniques and frameworks allows you to refine your unique style and learn what might work for different scenarios.

Now, let's dive into our curated list of 25 trusty frameworks and toolkits!

25 bookmark-worthy facilitation frameworks and toolkits

Untools: Tools for Better Thinking by Adam Amran

Untools is a treasure trove of practical thinking tools curated by Adam Amran. From mind mapping to decision-making frameworks, this resource provides facilitators with an extensive collection of tools that promote clarity, creativity, and critical thinking in workshops and meetings.

Actionable Futures Toolkit by Nordkapp's Sami Niemelä and Matti Mölsä

The Actionable Futures Toolkit equips facilitators with the means to envision and shape future scenarios. Through a combination of tools and methods, this resource helps facilitators guide teams in exploring possibilities, identifying strategic opportunities, and creating actionable plans for the future.

Framework for Human Connection by Deepr and Catalyst Network

Facilitating meaningful connections is at the core of effective facilitation. The Framework for Human Connection offers facilitators a set of tools and practices to foster authentic connections in workshops and group settings. It emphasizes empathy, active listening, and trust-building techniques to create an inclusive and supportive environment.

The H3UNI Resource Library

The H3UNI Resource Library is a comprehensive collection of resources dedicated to sustainable and regenerative human habitat. This valuable resource equips facilitators with frameworks, methodologies, and case studies to address the complex challenges of building sustainable communities and cities.

Reginald Toolkit Collection by verynice

The Reginald Toolkit Collection offers facilitators a versatile array of toolkits for community engagement, design thinking, and social impact. With resources ranging from icebreaker activities to project planning guides, this collection empowers facilitators to drive positive change and foster collaborative problem-solving.

The Intercultural Toolkit by the Chamber of Multicultural Enterprises

Facilitators working in diverse and multicultural environments can benefit from the Intercultural Toolkit. This resource provides facilitators with practical tools and resources to navigate intercultural communication, build cultural understanding, and foster inclusive dialogue in diverse settings.

Gamestorming by Dave Gray, Sunni Brown and James Macanufo

Gamestorming is a valuable resource for facilitators looking to inject creativity and collaboration into their workshops. With a collection of playful and interactive exercises, this resource helps facilitators design engaging activities that foster ideation, problem-solving, and team bonding.

ToolboxToolbox by Jenny Theolin, Åsa Samuelsson and their amazing team of curators

The ToolboxToolbox is a curated collection of facilitation tools and methodologies, ranging from classic techniques to innovative approaches. With contributions from a diverse team of curators, this resource offers facilitators a comprehensive and ever-growing toolkit to elevate their practice.

FacilitatingXYZ by Meg Bolger and a team of brilliant facilitators

FacilitatingXYZ is a collaborative project that shares practical resources and insights for facilitators. Their website offers facilitators a rich collection of tools, tips, and stories from experienced practitioners, empowering them to create inclusive and transformative facilitation experiences.

Brainstorming Resources by IDEO U

Brainstorming is a fundamental skill for facilitators, and IDEO U's Brainstorming Resources provide facilitators with a range of techniques and approaches to unlock the collective creativity of their participants. From ideation games to divergent thinking exercises, this resource enhances facilitators' ability to generate innovative ideas in collaborative sessions.

Team Playbook by Atlassian

The Team Playbook is a comprehensive resource for facilitators leading teams in agile environments. It offers facilitators a collection of activities, workshops, and guides that foster collaboration, communication, and productivity, enabling teams to work effectively and achieve their goals.

Follow the Rabbit: A Field Guide to Systemic Design by Alberta CoLab led by Roya Damabi

Facilitators interested in systemic design will find Follow the Rabbit: A Field Guide to Systemic Design to be a valuable resource. This comprehensive guide equips facilitators with tools, methods, and case studies to navigate complex challenges and drive systemic change through design thinking principles.

Service Design Tools by Roberta Tassi

Service Design Tools is a curated collection of tools and methods for service design facilitators. From user journey mapping to prototyping techniques, this resource provides facilitators with a comprehensive toolkit to create and improve services with a human-centered approach.

This is Service Design Doing Method Library by Adam StJohn Lawrence, Jakob Schneider, Marc Stickdorn and Markus Edgar Hormeß

For facilitators practicing service design, the This is Service Design Doing Method Library offers a wealth of practical methods and techniques. This resource guides facilitators through the entire service design process, from research and ideation to prototyping and implementation.

The CoReflect Toolkit by Cluster for Co-Creative Service Design from Jonathan Romm, Josina Vink, Anita Das, Marikken Høiseth, and Elizabeth Sanders

Facilitators involved in co-creative service design will find the CoReflect Toolkit to be an invaluable resource. This toolkit offers facilitators a range of methods and activities to engage stakeholders, foster collaboration, and co-create innovative solutions in service design projects.

Spring Impact Toolkit

The Spring Impact Toolkit provides facilitators with practical tools and resources to scale social impact. From strategy development to organizational scaling, this resource equips facilitators with methodologies and frameworks to amplify the effectiveness and reach of social initiatives.

Facilipedia by Mischief Makers

Facilipedia is an online encyclopedia of curated facilitation techniques and activities to support team work and create better-aligned and more effective teams. This resource offers facilitators a comprehensive library of facilitation tools, categorized by purpose and approach, making it easy to find the right technique for specific workshop objectives.

100%Open Innovation Toolkit

The 100%Open Innovation Toolkit is a collection of methods and strategies for facilitators involved in fostering innovation and collaboration. From crowdsourcing ideas to open innovation challenges, this resource provides facilitators with practical tools to drive creative problem-solving and idea generation.

Culture Design Tools by Fearless Culture and Gustavo Razzetti

Facilitators looking to shape organizational culture and foster positive change will find the Culture Design Tools resource invaluable. It offers facilitators a range of frameworks and activities to assess and transform culture, promote psychological safety, and enhance team dynamics - all with actionable and visual templates you can reuse!

Liberating Structures by Keith McCandless and Henri Lipmanowicz

Liberating Structures are a set of facilitation techniques that empower participants to take an active role in meetings and workshops. This resource provides facilitators with a collection of inclusive and participatory methods that encourage collaboration, creativity, and meaningful engagement.

Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford ('s Tools for Taking Action

The's Tools for Taking Action offers facilitators a variety of design thinking tools and templates. These resources enable facilitators to guide teams through the design process, from problem framing and empathy building to prototyping and testing, to create impactful solutions.

Hyper Island Toolbox

The Hyper Island Toolbox provides facilitators with a range of interactive and participatory methods to foster collaboration, creativity, and learning in workshops and meetings. With tools for icebreakers, brainstorming, and team building, this resource enhances facilitators' ability to create engaging and transformative experiences. And it's all neatly categorized and filtered, so it's easy to find what you need!

GV (Google Ventures) Design Sprint Toolbox

The GV Design Sprint Toolbox is a collection of facilitation methods and techniques for guiding teams through design sprints. With step-by-step instructions and downloadable templates, this resource equips facilitators to facilitate time-bound, intensive design processes that drive innovation and problem-solving.

SYPartners Tools, Prompts, and Exercises

SYPartners offers a range of tools, prompts, and exercises that empower facilitators to guide teams in strategic thinking, leadership development, and organizational transformation - all neatly divided into different moments that you might be in. These resources provide facilitators with practical frameworks and activities to unlock collective potential and drive positive change.

18F Methods

The 18F Methods resource offers facilitators a collection of methods, practices, and case studies for user-centered design and agile development. With a focus on human-centered principles, this resource equips facilitators to engage stakeholders, co-design solutions, and deliver impactful digital services.

These frameworks and toolkits are just a glimpse into the vast array of resources available to facilitators. We encourage you to explore each of them in more detail, experiment with different approaches, and adapt them to suit your specific facilitation needs.

By continuously upskilling and expanding your toolkit, you'll get much better at creating even more transformative experiences for your participants.

Enjoy experimenting!

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