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Can you believe we're already in the middle of October?! Whew, time flies, and many things are happening. So now, we're back with an update from our team on some of the latest improvements in Butter!

We may, or may not, have a little surprise packed in 🎁 Read on to find out more.


👯‍♀️ Breakouts, the gift that keeps on giving!

Breakouts in Butter
Setting up a World Café breakout session on Butter ☕️

We love a good breakout session—and we know you do too! So we've naturally put a lot of effort into making them smoother and even more useful for you.

💅 Updated setup flows: We've updated the design, streamlined the features, and made sure that you can easily use all your template items when prepping your breakout sessions.

🔐 Lock rooms: One of the powerful things about our Breakout Rooms is that it allows people to move between them. However, this might not always be what you need, so now you can choose to "lock" your breakout rooms to keep participants in place.

⚡️ Observe mode improved: We've improved the visual cues when facilitators are observing, so people know when you're peeking in. For sessions that require 100% privacy, we've added the ability to disable observe mode completely!

✅ Better task lists: Setting tasks ahead of time feels like cheating (in a good way)! And now, we've made it much easier to see when tasks are added and improved the overview itself.

Ready, set, BREAK!


⚡️ Custom virtual backgrounds are here!

All-new custom backgrounds
Check out this video of Cheska demoing custom backgrounds ⚡️


If we had a nickel for every request we've received for the ability to use custom virtual backgrounds in Butter, we'd have more money than we have today 😉

This is why we're excited to share that custom virtual backgrounds have finally made it to Butter!

If you've ever wanted to add more personality to your meetings or match your background to your mood, then this one's for you.

🤩 Upload your own: Upload your own custom backgrounds to Butter!

⚡️ Unsplash integrated: Set a background with a beautiful image from the Unsplash library.


... oh yes, the little surprise 🎁

To celebrate the launch, we've even built a little tool that lets you create your own custom or branded backgrounds! Find our custom background creator here.

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Prepare breakout sessions in advance or arrange them on the fly—and even observe rooms without jumping in. It’s never been easier to facilitate breakouts!
Say goodbye to Zoom fatigue. Keep your participants involved and excited with engagement features like emoji reactions, sound effects, GIFs, and a hands-up queue.
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