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We're back to update you on Butter's latest and greatest improvements! There are some pretty neat things in this one, if we may say so ourselves.

Shall we?

Shared notes: capture thoughts together

For a long time, it's been possible for each person to scribble down their own notes in a Butter session.

But with this new feature, everyone can add notes during the session in a live collaborative notepad! The shared notes are also shared with everyone post-session.

⚡️ Collaborate live in session: All facilitators and participants can collaborate on capturing notes directly in session. Everything is updated in real-time!

✅ Shared in recaps: The shared notes are immediately available to everyone after the session.

New recaps with auto-generated session GIFs

Session GIFs work great as souvenirs from your sessions 🎁

Recaps are where all of your session recordings, poll results, notes, participant lists, etc. are stored and made accessible after your sessions. We've improved the recap section to help you find what you need in an instant!

💅 Updated design: The recaps overview has been redesigned to make it easier to gather your session takeaways.

🤩 Improved filtering: Quickly find the recaps you need with the updated filtering.

🎁 Session GIFs: Yes! For every recorded session, we now automatically generate a set of GIFs that you can share with your clients, participants, or on your social channels.

▶️ Updated recording page: Sharing your recordings? The new recording pages make it look even better!

Flashcards: Flip and randomize

🔀 Flashcards: Flip and randomize!

Flashcards continue to be one of the most popular tools in Butter, so we made them a little bit better. This means you can now:

🔄 Flip your flashcards: A card has two sides, so why not use both? Well, now you can! All basic cards are flippable 🙌

🔀 Randomize your deck: Breathe a little more life into your decks by shuffling up the order! Simply enable the 'Randomize' option in the setup and get your deck mixed up.

Want to try it? These flashcard templates are what you need:

Arrow to the left
Arrow to the right

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Create your own flashcards in Butter to run icebreakers, spark debate, and build stronger connections.
Shareable recaps & recording
Never lose important takeaways from your trainings and workshops with Butter's recaps. Rediscover those moments of inspiration, and share your insights like never before!
Shareable recaps & recording
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