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‍Project A led the round with participation from Des Traynor, Johannes Schildt, Ron Cohen, Mads Fosselius, Ross Sheil, Bjarke Staun, Joe Tsai, and angel funds such as Futuristic, Nordic Web Ventures, Unpopular Ventures, and more.


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We’ve all felt it.

The energy of being part of a really great training session, class or workshop. Where the facilitator has somehow managed to convert a room of complete strangers into a tightly knit team in the span of a few hours. Where complex problems suddenly seemed easy to solve. And where we left the room feeling superbly inspired and ready to take on the world.

We haven’t felt it very often in the past year though.

Energizing, interactive workshops have been replaced by the insipid—where participants end up sitting through boring Zoom sessions with a facilitator droning on through yet another PowerPoint presentation.

Facilitators ended up scrambling from one exercise to another, feeling handicapped at not being able to manage sessions as easily as they used to and frustrated at not being able to engage the room like before.

Something seemed to be missing—and for many of us, workshops just didn't feel as valuable anymore.

Introducing: Butter

Butter is changing this. We’re a full suite for workshops that allow facilitators to prepare the workshop, run the workshop, and debrief the workshop in one tool—like a tightly choreographed event.

We believe there are many positives to running a workshop remotely.

It’s no longer just a small, elite team in the HQ that’s part of the brainstorms. People from remote parts of the world are now able to partake in masterclasses from the best facilitators globally. Documenting the complex decisions that are made during the workshops is no longer an issue. And participants don’t have to spend days commuting (by plane or car) to the remote offsite for a 3-hour session.

Our goal is to bridge the pros of going digital with the flow and energy of physical workshops - making virtual workshops better than physical ones.

Jakob Knutzen, Co-Founder & CEO @ Butter
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Thousands of users from organizations of different sizes—from large enterprises like DHL, WeWork and EY, through training orgs such as Hyper Island, Product School and Innofounder, to independent facilitators—are using Butter on a weekly basis for everything from HR training to design sprints and strategy workshops.

Our investors

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve closed a total of $3.2m in funding with our Seed round of $2.75m to help us improve the hundreds of millions of workshops that are run on an annual basis.

Project A led the round with participation from great individuals such as Des Traynor, Johannes Schildt, Ron Cohen, Mads Fosselius, Ross Sheil, Bjarke Staun, Joe Tsai, angel funds such as Futuristic, Nordic Web Ventures, Unpopular Ventures, and several other angels.

They are joining our early investors, Morph Capital who believed in us before Butter was even Butter.

Our team

This is BIG news for our small remote team. We feel super fortunate that such an amazing group of people believe in our lean (but mighty) setup that spreads across the globe - from Malaysia, Indonesia and Nigeria through Denmark, Germany and Spain to the US.

And this spurs us on even more to solve the challenge of online workshops in what will hopefully be a buttery-smooth, learnings-filled and fun journey. 😉

But most importantly, we feel incredibly thankful to our users, who are trusting us with running the most important type of interactions that you have in a business setting where company directions are set and people are inspired to do extraordinary things. We’ll do right by you in helping make virtual workshops much better than they are now!

- Jakob Knutzen

Co-Founder & CEO of Butter

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