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We're excited to announce two major additions to Butter—MURAL and flashcard decks—plus a handful of small but impactful updates!


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Hey hey heeeeey you beautiful person 👋

It's been a little longer than usual since our last update—but that's only because we've been building so much exciting stuff into Butter.

So without further ado, here we go!

🤩 New integration: MURAL in Butter

We’re super happy (and very proud) to announce that you can now access and collaborate in MURAL directly on Butter! 

MURAL loads directly in the Butter window. No need for multiple windows!

We’ve been looking forward to this, and we know you MURAL fans have been too. 😊

With our newest integration, you can:

  • Add your murals to your Butter Agenda and Toolbox
  • Access and launch MURAL templates while running a session
  • Edit and collaborate with people on your murals - without needing to leave Butter!

All you need to do is connect your MURAL account to Butter to launch it.

Here’s a quick video tour from Jakob to show you how to add murals to your toolbox and your agenda, and how to use MURAL during a Butter session.

You can learn more about our MURAL integration in the Butter Handbook here.

😍 New tool: Flashcard Decks

Equally exciting is the launch of our new Flashcard Decks.

Flashcards are a new way to engage your participants, run icebreakers, spark conversations, and build stronger connections in Butter!

Beware of sparking heated debates 🔥

They’re super customizable, so you can get really creative with them.

With Flashcards you can:

  • Create decks of cards with prompts, questions, and more in a jiffy!
  • Add text, images, and videos to your cards
  • Add images from Unsplash, GIFs from Giphy, or upload your own
  • Use interactive cards that allow participants to stamp or vote on them

🧊 Pro tip: You can even add your Flashcards to your breakouts to create amazing icebreaker sessions

Here's a quick tour from yours truly on how to set up a flashcard deck and how to use them in-session.

Read more about Flashcards and how to set them up in our Butter Handbook here.

✨ Session Planner & Toolbox improvements

The reception of the new Session Planner and the Butter Toolbox has been really great. A lot of you have used it and told us how it helps you prepare and run your sessions with ease. 🙌

We've also gotten a lot of feedback and thoughts on how we can make it work even better. Here are some of the improvements we've made so far:

  • You can now start, stop, and even edit your tools directly from the agenda in-session
  • We've added basic formatting to your block descriptions. This will be reflected in session as well
  • All tools in the Toolbox are now grouped based on their type, which make it a lot simpler to navigate
  • Quickly add new tools and use the search option to easily filter the list
  • We've added tool icons to the agenda setup overview in-session to make it a lot easier to navigate

This is only the first round of updates. A lot more improvements are coming to the Session Planner!

The new Toolbox menu sorts your tools by tool type.

...and a ton of other improvements!

In addition to MURAL, Flashcards, and the Session Planner improvements there are a ton of other great updates that are worth mentioning:

  • Upload and share files in chat
  • Easily switch between all tracks in your playlists
  • Drag and drop to assign participants in the breakout overview
  • Better visualizations of mute, video, and leave buttons
  • Skip audio and video setup when starting a session
  • A lot of performance improvements to make the app run faster
  • Customize your personal referral link well as a lot of smaller stuff!

It's a wrap 🌯

That's all folks! 👋

To give the new MURAL integration a shot, or to build your own flashcard decks, try Butter for free.

We'll have a few major updates coming in the next few weeks, so hold onto your Butters!

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