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The new Personal Library and Butter Template Gallery make it easier than ever to plan and run engaging collaborative sessions.


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Why hello there 👋

It's your best buddies from Butter again, back with—dare we say it—one of our biggest updates ever!

Let's get down to business.

Your Personal Library is here! 🥳

In Butter, you can set up everything from full session agendas with tools, descriptions, and personal notes to personalized flashcard decks, music playlists, and polls.

And now, we're making it super easy for you to save, reuse, and share all of it with the Butter Personal Library.

With the Butter Personal Library, you can:

  • Save your favorite tools, blocks, and agendas and access them whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Import your items lightning fast when setting up a new room or directly in your sessions!
  • Share your items with anyone! Built the ultimate plan for a Design Sprint? Created the perfect intro block? Compiled the best icebreaker flashcard deck? Share it! 

You can of course add tags, titles, and descriptions to all of your saved items to keep everything neatly organized.

Check out the video below where Jakob walks through the basics of the new library!

Get inspired by the Butter Template Gallery 🖼️

We all dream of having perfectly-structured agendas and engaging tools for every session. But it's time-consuming to ideate and set these up.

With the Butter Template Gallery, it’s lightning-fast to design effective sessions.

Our community of expert facilitators has cooked up workshop agendas, icebreakers, flashcard decks, pump-up music playlists, brainstorming activities, and tons more. And you can steal them all (we won't tell 😉)!

With the Butter Template Gallery, you can:

  • Get inspired by tried-and-tested templates and frameworks curated by expert facilitators
  • Filter by template type, category, or duration
  • Copy templates and tools to your own personal Butter Library
  • Edit the templates or add them to your Butter Rooms 
  • Submit your own templates for a chance to be featured in the gallery

Check out the video below where Jakob walks through the new gallery!

The new Template Gallery has:

  • Agendas: for full workshop inspiration from start to finish
  • Blocks: pre-made activities that can be inserted into any agenda
  • Tools: can be added to your agenda or instantly accessed during any session from your toolbox.

There's a lot there to get you started!

Calling all Butter wizards! 🧙

Do you have a go-to Butter agenda or tool that could inspire others? 

We already have templates from facilitation greats like AJ&Smart, LEAP., and neueBeratung—and we'd love you to be next.

Submit your template here and we'll share it with the world!

New grid layout modes 😍

A key to hosting engaging sessions is to make them dynamic. A dynamic session keeps participants focused and increases engagement.

There are already lots of ways to do this in Butter, but now we're giving you one more with the addition of our new layout mode switcher!

The view mode in Butter now lets you instantly switch between

  • Gallery view: The standard full grid layout mode. Updated to let you flip through full pages instead of only a few participants at a time.
  • Panel mode: A new and more immersive layout that lets you put focus on a few speakers while still having your participants right there with you ✨
  • Spotlight mode: Spotlight mode works great for presentations and fireside chats. Now, much more accessible.

Access the new grid layout modes in the top right of the screen!

💡 Pro tip: You can switch instantly between the different view modes directly in the view mode setup.

New Buttermojis! 🤗🔥

The Buttermojis are core to Butter and without a doubt one of the most beloved features. The reactions help you express yourself during your sessions without needing to speak and are great at building energy and showing emotions.

So we're very happy and excited to introduce two new wonderful Buttermojis to the family!

Please welcome the new additions: Hug and On Fire!

🔥 Pro tip: Hit 'R' then '8' or '9' on your keyboard to react even faster!

Updated dashboard sidebar ✨

With the addition of the Library, we felt like it was a great time to freshen up the app as well.

So as a result of our spring cleaning, you now have a much more modern look on the dashboard. The new sidebar ties the app super well together and significantly improves navigation throughout the app!

That's a wrap 🌯

As always, we would love to hear what you think! If you have ideas for how we can make the Butter app even better, please drop them here.

If you want to stay on top of all things Butter, you can join the Butter Community to get notified about all our upcoming events. 😉


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