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You can now access your Butter rooms, library items, and recaps in one shared team workspace.


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Hold onto your butts, Butter fans, because this is one of our biggest-ever updates.

The introduction of Butter Workspaces completely overhauls the out-of-session Butter experience.

There's lots to cover, so let's jump right into it.

🤓 What are Butter workspaces?

Your Butter dashboard used to be a place just for you. You could design your own rooms, create your own templates, and see your own recaps.

Now, everything in Butter lives in a workspace where you can collaborate on planning, running, and recapping sessions with your entire team.

You can create public rooms that your whole team can see, build a shared library of agenda and tool templates, and access recaps from all your workspace's sessions.

That's right: all your team's rooms, templates, recaps, and people are now all in one place.

For a walkthrough of what’s changed, check out this video from Jakob, our CEO:

💪 Why did we launch workspaces?

Facilitation and collaboration have always been at the core of Butter. 

When we initially launched, we focused on making it easier to facilitate more engaging sessions in one tool. Then, with the Session Planner, we shifted our focus to helping you plan your sessions. 

With the Library and Template Gallery, we made it easier to reuse and share Butter templates and tools.

But designing and planning collaborative sessions is most often not done alone. Most collaboration starts way before the session itself!

With Butter workspaces, we've made it easier for you to collaborate on everything that happens before and after your sessions by giving you and your teammates one shared workspace.

🧠 What does this mean for you?

If you’re already using Butter: When you log back into Butter, you'll see that we've automatically created a new workspace for you with all your previous rooms, library items, and recaps.

If you’re new to Butter: (First of all, welcome!) When you first sign up to Butter, you’ll be asked to create a workspace. It only takes about 30 seconds.

Once you have a workspace: Your workspace is ready for team members! You can invite up to 50 Basic (free) and unlimited Pro members to your workspace.

To join someone else’s workspace: Ask them for an invite, and you'll get a notification when they add you. Don’t worry: you can be a member of multiple workspaces.

Invite your entire team to Butter in your workspace settings.

👀 Super vital stuff to know about Butter workspaces

Here’s everything you need to know to become a Butter workspace expert:

⚡️ Shared team library

Build a shared repository with agendas, blocks, and tools in your team’s Library. This is a great way to share and streamline your assets across your entire team.

You can easily filter between your own library item and those created by your teammates.

👯‍♀️ Workspace roles and settings

You can control the access levels and memberships of everyone in your workspace. Just use the workspace roles to grant permissions as needed.

Workspaces can have:

  • Owners: Can do everything admins can, plus delete the workspace.
  • Admins (must be Pro members): Can manage rooms, library items, members, and more.
  • Pro members ($): Can access everything in the workspace and run sessions without limits.
  • Basic members (free): Can access everything in the workspace but can only create two rooms and run 60-minute sessions.

For more info on the difference between Pro and Basic members, see our Pricing page for more details.

🎧 Updated room setup with audio collaboration

The room setup has been updated with a quick overview page of everything you've set up in the room. 

Now, you can even start quick audio huddles with your fellow collaborators directly in the room setup! Read more about collaborative room setup here.

🚦 Room-level roles

Room-level roles let you add people as either collaborators or viewers in your rooms. Collaborators have edit rights and can help you set up, whereas viewers can only see what you've set up. 

Pro members of your workspace can start sessions up for you too! Read more on room roles here.

You can still invite guests to collaborate on your rooms, and they will only have access to the specific room they have been invited to. More on guests here.

💳 Central billing & team management

You no longer have to pass around your company credit card to everyone who wants to sign up for Butter. 

With your workspace, you can set up and manage your billing for your entire team in one place. Learn more about our plans & pricing here.

🤗 Get a personalized team onboarding session

Want to learn how to set up your team’s workspace? Or would you like help in migrating your personal Butter workspaces into one team workspace?

Book a slot for one of our team workspace orientations.

That's a wrap 🌯

As always, we would love to hear what you think! What do you think of the new workspaces? Do you have any lingering questions? What else would you like to see in these updates?

If you want to stay on top of all things Butter, you can join the Butter Community to get notified about our upcoming events. 😉

High fives and buttery wishes, 💛

Chris from Butter 👋

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